Baked Pizza Crumpets | theskinnyfoodco

Baked Pizza Crumpets

If you were lucky enough to catch our Live on Friday lunchtime, then you'll have seen Kim create this easy, but super tasty dish! Our Pizza Baked Crumpets are made using our Low Sugar Fakeaway Pizza Sauce - so versatile, it can be used on anything, from pastas, to burgers to these delicious crumpets...

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Pizza Crumpets | theskinnyfoodco

Pizza Crumpets

We love using our Fakeaway Sauces to create some delicious snacks and meals for you to try at home! These Low Sugar Pizza Crumpets are a perfect example of this - read on to find out how we've made them...

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Easy Kebab Boats | theskinnyfoodco

Easy Kebab Boats

Using our Kebab Sauce is a great way to enjoy vegan meals too as it's completely dairy-free. We've used Stand n Stuff Tortilla Boats which are also suitable for vegans - making this recipe suitable for everyone! With only 253 calories per serving, you need to read on to find out how to make these...

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How to Fakeaway: Meal Ideas with @maximmortal | theskinnyfoodco

How to Fakeaway: Meal Ideas with @maximmortal

If you're looking for healthy alternatives to greasy takeaways, you're in the right place. Our Fakeaway collection is constantly growing, with so many delicious sauces and meals now on our website! Read on to find out how Maxine uses our delicious Fakeaway collection to create some tasty dishes! 

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Chinese Style Spicy Egg Fried Rice | theskinnyfoodco

Chinese Style Spicy Egg Fried Rice

A staple for most Chinese takeaway meals, egg-fried rice is actually one of the easiest dishes to make at home as part of your Chinese Fakeaway evening! All you need is your chosen vegetables, cooked rice and a dollop of our delicious Sugar Free Chinese Fakeaway Sauce

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Bacon, Asparagus & Pea Summer Pasta | theskinnyfoodco

Bacon, Asparagus & Pea Summer Pasta

Served hot or cold, this summer pasta is the perfect dish for everyone to enjoy! This light dish is packed full of green veg, delicious crispy bacon and of course, our Sugar Free Fakeaway Kebab Sauce.

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Garlic & Herb Cheesy Pizza | theskinnyfoodco

Garlic & Herb Cheesy Pizza

We've created a delicious Garlic and Herb Cheesy Pizza, perfect to enjoy all year round with the whole family! It's low calorie, low carb and super easy to create. Read on to find out how... 

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Ham and Cheese Pizza Snack Wrap | theskinnyfoodco

Ham and Cheese Pizza Snack Wrap

Ready in minutes, this super quick and easy Pizza Snack Wrap is the perfect lunch for busy workers, great for parents on the go and even better as an afternoon snack for the kids this half term! Using our favourite Low Sugar Pizza Sauce, this is a must try...

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Vegetable Tarts | theskinnyfoodco

Vegetable Tarts

 You loved our Pizza Pastry Pin Wheels so much, it only made sense to bring you another pastry recipe using our favourite Fakeaway Pizza Sauce! These mini vegetable tarts are perfect to enjoy this Easter weekend! 

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Toasted Kebab Wrap | theskinnyfoodco

Toasted Kebab Wrap

A great healthier alternative of a takeaway kebab, our mouther-watering version not only tastes better but is packed with flavour and low in calories using our incredible Sugar Free Kebab Fakeaway Sauce!

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Pizza Pastry Pin Wheels | theskinnyfoodco

Pizza Pastry Pin Wheels

If you loved our cookies and cream pastry pinwheels, then this savoury version is perfect for you too! It's low calorie, low sugar, and low fat - all from using our Fakeaway Low Sugar Pizza Sauce! Read on to find out how we made these super easy and super tasty treats... 

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3 Ultimate Meaty Pizzas | theskinnyfoodco

3 Ultimate Meaty Pizzas

Here at Skinny Food we always want you to enjoy a delicious pizza, topped with all of your favourite ingredients. We've found a way for you to do this, but for a fraction of the calories, sugar and fat! If you love a meaty pizza and want the secret to a healthy and mouth-wateringly tasty alternative, you’re at the right place!

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3 Veggie Pizzas you're going to LOVE! | theskinnyfoodco

3 Veggie Pizzas you're going to LOVE!

Here at Skinny Food Co, we will always provide an option for everyone! If you’re vegetarian, or just love a veggie pizza then we have the perfect recipes for you to try...

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How To: FAKE AWAY® Vegetable Pizza | theskinnyfoodco

How To: FAKE AWAY® Vegetable Pizza

We couldn’t bring out a FakeAway range without thinking about the beloved pizza takeaway. Our Low Sugar Pizza Sauce & Low Sugar Pizza Bases have quickly become a firm favourite for our customers and team here at The Skinny Food Co. But, we often get asked how we create the perfect pizza; a pizza that satisfies all cravings without being as calorific as Dominos, for instance.

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How To: Chinese Curry & Noodles | theskinnyfoodco

How To: Chinese Curry & Noodles

We are so thrilled to deliver all of our lovely customers with another taste sensation, and in this blog, we’re going to give you a quick recipe using our new Sugar Free Curry Sauce so that you’re fully prepared to indulge.

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How To: Vegan Kebab Wrap | theskinnyfoodco

How To: Vegan Kebab Wrap

In celebration of the launch of our newest addition to the FakeAway sauce range, our Sugar Free Kebab Sauce, we wanted to give our lovely customers some inspiration on how to knock up a quick, but extremely tasty vegan-friendly kebab wrap using this newbie and several other healthy ingredients which you can find below. 

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How To: FakeAway ® Indian Curry | theskinnyfoodco

How To: FakeAway ® Indian Curry

Our FakeAway ® Indian Curry Sauce is not only ticking all of these boxes, but it tastes exceptional too. With fragrant spices and a creamy texture, our FakeAway ® Indian Curry Sauce adds the perfect flavour to any rice dish.

Want to know how? Continue reading this blog for a quick, easy and tasty vegan-friendly FakeAway Indian Curry recipe.

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FAKE AWAY®  LAUNCH | theskinnyfoodco


The Skinny Food Co team are happy to announce that our Fake Away® range has finally launched! Now you can shop our delicious, yet healthy alternative sauces and pizza bases that are both gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Read and watch here to see them in use by Masterchef star Chris Hale!

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