Ham and Cheese Pizza Snack Wrap

Ham and Cheese Pizza Snack Wrap | theskinnyfoodco

Ham and Cheese Pizza Snack Wrap 

Ready in minutes, this super quick and easy Pizza Snack Wrap is the perfect lunch for busy workers, great for parents on the go and even better as an afternoon snack for the kids this half term! We've been loving our Low Sugar Fakeaway Pizza Sauce recently, and with so many brand new recipes using this flavour, now is the time to grab yourselves a bottle!  This no mess wrap is a must try this week! 

(Serves 1)

You will need: 

1 tortilla wrap

2 slices reduced fat cheese

2 slices ham 

Handful of spinach leaves

20g Fakeaway Pizza Sauce 



How to make:  

1. Place 2 slices of reduced fat cheese onto the wrap. Top with a handful of spinach leaves and a slice of ham onto each cheese square and squirt 20g of our Low Sugar Fakeaway Pizza Sauce. 

2. Fold this together, bringing the sides of the wrap to the middle, and then one square over the top to create a pocket style wrap. Ensure that nothing will fall out the bottom before putting this in the toaster! 

3. Pop this in the toaster for 2 and a half minutes. 

4. Allow to cool slightly before serving and enjoy! 



For this delicious snack wrap, filled with low fat cheese and ham, there is only 420 calories! This also contains 37g of carbs, 14g of fat and 29g of protein per serving. 


Don't forget, you could use any of our Virtually Zero* Skinny Sauces too; 

why not try our Smokey BBQ Skinny Sauce or even our Burger Relish flavour! 

If you like the look of this recipe, make sure you check out some of our other recipes using this sauce by clicking here.



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