We are passionate about great tasting healthy food. We have developed an extensive range of Zero Calorie Sauces, Syrups and healthy snacking options which can be enjoyed by anybody. We do not target specific customers, we simply tick the box for a lot of people that find a frequent use for the products we offer. We understand the difficulty in avoiding tempting food which may not be too good for us and most of this can contain high sugar, fat and calorie content. We strive to be different and ensure that you eat cleaner by using our products. Whether it's our Zero Calorie Sauces helping you achieve guilt free dunkin'/dippin' or enjoying our Zero Calorie Syrups in your breakfast, Cup of Coffee or favourite dessert we know you'll be impressed and be sure to come back and enjoy them over and over again!


See here for our Sugarwise Certification explanation and what it means.



Taste is important to you and to us. We wouldn't feel comfortable sending out substandard products. We perfect recipes and launch products we have tried tested and love! They also have to meet the criteria we look for to be listed on site; low calories/zero calories, low sugar, low fat and most of all great tasting!


We want to grow our brand and spread brand awareness and to do so we know the price is also very important. We promise to offer YOU the best price we possibly can. Already compared to similar companies that offer healthier sauces we are very price competitive. However, there are not any/many companies on the market offering a like for like product. Whether you buy from us or any of our future stockists we want it to be affordable and offer great value for money. 


We aim to achieve fantastic customer care. From your shopping experience, to our social media team and our customer support team we hope to have you looked after the way we expect to be looked after. If you have any queries or concerns please contact us here.
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  • Thankfully founded in 2018
  • We are rated 5* on Trustpilot
  • Over 1,000,000 bottles were sold in the first 12 months
  • We listen to our customers and provide products that YOU want.
  • We love our customers and want to hear your new product suggestions here
  • We'd LOVE to climb onto your local supermarket shelves.


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