How do our Chocaholic Drops Compare?

How do our Chocaholic Drops Compare? | theskinnyfoodco

 How do our Chocaholic Drops Compare?

In the spotlight: Our New Chocaholic Drops!

Our guilt free Skinny Chocaholic Drops are packed full of flavour to satisfy your chocolatey needs. Our Milk Chocolate Drops are not only delicious, they are low sugar and low calorie with only 86 calories per tube and 90% less sugar!

They are also suitable for diabetics, vegetarians and perfect for those who may be slimming or counting calories.

What do they taste like?

Light, airy and packed with flavour. Our Chocolate Drops are sweet, silky and smooth with an added crunch.

Enjoy a chocolate snack without the guilt with our delicious Skinny Chocaholic Drops!  

At The Skinny Food Co we have made it our mission to create great tasting products to help our customers make healthier choices.

We do what we do to make sure our products are accessible for everyone, including those with diabetes, food intolerances or who are counting the calories.

Here we explore how The Skinny Food Co Chocaholic Drops compared to Smarties and how simple savvy swaps can make a huge difference to your calorie and sugar intake! 

Skinny Food Co Chocaholic Drops VS Smarties

Key Chocaholic Drops facts:

  • 90% Less Sugar 
  • Only 1.4g of Sugar
  • Only 86 Calories 
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • Slimming Friendly
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • Guilt Free Chocolate Snacking

Selecting healthier alternatives means you'll eliminate all the sugar which is packed into bigger brands - such as Nestle's Smarties.

One tube of Chocaholic Drops contains 86 calories and 1.4g of sugar - in comparison to Smarties with a whopping 178 calories and 23.8g of sugar per tube, what a huge difference!

How to Use our Chocaholic Drops

Our Chocaholic Drops are perfect for on the go snacking and incorporating into sweet desserts!

1. Epic Chocolate Baked Crumpets

We've created an epic combination of crumpets and chocolatey goodness!

Using our Chocaholic Drops, Chocaholic Hazelnut Spread and sugar free Chocolate Syrup, we've ended up creating the most delicious chocolate baked breakfast you'll ever try!

View the recipe.

2. Choco Drops Chocolate Flapjacks

Our low sugar Chocolate Chip Flapjack Mix is perfect on it's own for that gorgeous, oaty, moorish snack or dessert, or you can jazz it up however you want with some of your favourite Skinny Food Co products!

Here, we have chosen to add our gorgeous low sugar Chocaholic Hazelnut Spread and our super tasty Skinny Chocaholic Drops for the most delicious chocolate flapjacks ever!

View the recipe.

3. Choco Drops Chocolate Brownies

Our Chocolate Brownies are so deliciously chocolatey, fudgy and moorish AND they're low in sugar and lower in calories too!

We decided to top them with our crazy good, low sugar, Chocaholic Hazelnut Spread and our NEW Chocaholic Drops which are only 86 calories a tube and a taste sensation!

View the recipe.


Shop The Skinny Food Co products today!

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