How does our Jam Compare?

How does our Jam Compare? | theskinnyfoodco

How does our Jam Compare?

Cutting out the sugar has always been a high priority of ours when creating new products - but did you know The Skinny Food Co Jams have only 4g of Sugar per 100g? Compared to some supermarket names that have nearly 15 times the amount of sugar in per 100g, it seems a no brainer to give ours a try! 

Due to the low sugar content, Jam can finally be put back on the menu for everyone.

With 85% less calories and no added sugar or preservatives, The Skinny Food Co Jam can be enjoyed with breakfast, desserts, baking or even straight out the jar - no judgment here.

Here we explore how each of our delicious flavoured jams compare in sugar content to other popular brands.

Skinny Food Co Raspberry Jam VS Hartley's Raspberry Jam

First off, it's the battle of the Raspberry Jams.

(Based on 100g).

Hartley’s Raspberry Jam: Sugar 56g

The Skinny Food Co Raspberry Jam: Sugar 4g

Skinny Food Co Strawberry Jam VS Mackays Strawberry Jam

Next up, we find out which Strawberry Jam has the most sugar content.

(Based on 100g).

Mackays Strawberry Jam: Sugar 66.7g

The Skinny Food Co Strawberry Jam: Sugar 4g

Sugar wise, just ONE jar of Mackays Jam is the equivalent of 21 jars of The Skinny Food Co Strawberry Jam! 😮⁠

Skinny Food Co Apricot Jam VS Hartley's Apricot Jam

We've got the clash of the Apricot Jams next.

(Based on 100g).

Hartley's Apricot Jam: Sugar 56g

The Skinny Food Co Apricot Jam: Sugar 4g

Skinny Food Co Black Cherry Jam VS St. Dalfour Black Cherry Jam

So, how does our Black Cherry Jam compare to St. Dalfour?

(Based on 100g).

St. Dalfour Black Cherry Jam: Sugar 52g

The Skinny Food Co Black Cherry Jam: Sugar 4g

Skinny Food Co Orange Marmalade VS Robinson's Golden Shred Orange Marmalade

 Next up we'll be comparing our delicious Marmalade to Robinson's Marmalade!

(Based on 100g).

Robinson’s Golden Shred Orange Marmalade: Sugar 53g

The Skinny Food Co Orange Marmalade: Sugar 4g

Skinny Food Co Blackcurrant Jam VS Hartley's Blackcurrant Jam

 Finally, we have our last comparison and it's the battle between Blackcurrant!

(Based on 100g).

Hartley’s Blackcurrant Jam: Sugar 54g

The Skinny Food Co Blackcurrant Jam: Sugar 4g


Meal Idea: Vegan Strawberry Breakfast Bars

These delicious breakfast bars are flavoured with our zero calorie, zero sugar French Vanilla Barista Coffee Syrup giving the perfect amount of sweetness and filled with our 92% less sugar Strawberry Jam and lots of delicious fresh strawberries. Perfect first thing in a morning to set you up for the day, or to enjoy as a yummy snack, kids will love these too! They're low in sugar and contain one of your five a day! Perfect!

View the recipe.

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