A Beginners Guide to Keto Diets with The Skinny Food Co and Amy Lee Harper

A Beginners Guide to Keto Diets with The Skinny Food Co and Amy Lee Harper | theskinnyfoodco

A Beginners Guide to Keto Diets 

Being on a Keto diet means low carbs and high fats and our Skinny Food Co collection has so many products perfect for a Keto diet. From our sauces and syrups, to creamers and flavour drops, there is something for everyone on a Keto diet to incorporate for tons more flavour!

meaning your body is forced into using a different type of fuel - other than glucose. Glucose is found in Carbohydrates, like rice, pasta and fruit. When we consume these foods, our bodies turn the carbohydrates into glucose, which can affect our blood sugar levels - elevated blood sugar can have many effects, including weight gain. With a Keto diet, your body instead relies on Ketone bodies, a different type of fuel that the liver produces from stored fat, which is why when started a keto diet, we would suggest introducing more liver-supportive foods, like garlic and onions - an effective diet for weight loss, and also has seen to benefit diabetes and epilepsy. 

Whilst a Keto diet might not be suitable for everyone, it has certainly proven affective to those who have succeeded with it. If you're thinking of beginning a keto diet, or you would like to see more information, check out a previous blog post, How to start a Keto Diet, which outlines great ways to get started, as well as some delicious food ideas from our website! Make sure to check out our Keto Section on our blog for more diet inspiration and delicious goodies to get your hands on to start your keto diet today! 

With Skinny Food Co products being low, or zero carbs, our sauces and syrups are the perfect addition to anyone on a keto diet, and is a perfect way to add so much flavour to your meals. 

Amy (pictured below) has shared her daily keto diet with us, and guess what, she uses The Skinny Food Co products! Her Instagram account, @uk_keto dedicated to all things Keto is updated daily with delicious meal ideas, top tips and even new products to try! Starting her keto diet in April 2020, she has now shared over 100 posts, full of tasty treats! 

'Breakfast usually consists of just coffee! I have mine with Salted Caramel Vanilla Syrup & double cream. The cream is a good source of fat & protein, keeping my hunger sustained until late lunch/dinner. If I was peckish I'd go for berries, boost balls, protein pancakes or a fry up with sausages, bacon, eggs, mushroom & tomato.

Sometimes I skip lunch, but usually options are things like a big chicken Caesar salad, lettuce ham wraps, a BLT in low-carb bread or stuffed chicken breasts.
My Snacks consist of peperami's, cheese strings, berries, Boost Balls, nuts & veggies. I drink lots of water and sometimes Monster Ultra/Coke Zero.
Dinner is my favourite! I usually go for a   chilli with cauliflower rice, steak with   cauliflower mash, lamb chops with veggies, pork chops with garlic  mushrooms, cheesy pizza with  Fakeaway pizza sauce or oven baked peri-peri chicken.'


Limiting carbs to 20-50 grams per day may seem difficult, but by discovering some low carbohydrate foods, eating can be easy and tasty! Amy created this delicious pizza, using cheese as the base! Adding low carb vegetables, like mushrooms and peppers, and fatty meats - like chorizo, means it is the perfect fit for a keto diet. 

If you're wondering where to start on a Keto diet, there are certain foods to incorporate into your diet early! For example, high fat meats such as steak, ham, sausage or chicken are a perfect place to start when planning meals. Once you have your main component, figure out what low carb vegetables that would compliment this - don't forget, spices and seasonings are a great way to add plenty extra flavour, why not try our Chicken Seasoning, or Chipotle Barbacoa seasonings? There are made from all natural ingredients and have no added sugar! Don't forget, pair any of your dishes with our huge range of sauces - they contain 0g of carbs per serving! 

 There is no better way to enjoy steaks,  other than with our Steak Pepper Skinny Sauce. A creamy, rich sauce without the calories, but packed full of flavour! Amy pairs this with cauliflower mash - a perfect low carb alternative to potato, you can mix in our Vegan Shaker, garlic and butter to give it a creamy texture and delicious taste. 



Here at Skinny Food Co, our products aren't just created to be zero calorie, but instead to be suitable for any diet. Of course, no diet would be complete without some amazing Skinny Food Co products to go with every meal! For Amy, our Low Sugar Jams are a firm favourite! With 93% less sugar than other brands on the market, there are the perfect swap to make, and great for Keto, at only 7 calories per serving!  Our Skinny Food Co Bread Mix is an absolute must have for Keto diets! With only 1.25g of carbs per slice, you can enjoy a delicious keto-fuelled sandwich, and with normal bread being a high carb food, you're winning! 

If you have any recipes you'd love to share, or perfect sauce combinations for any keto messages let us know! You can shop our entire Keto Collection on our website! 

Don't forget, we'll be posting so many blogs this week all about keto week - including some of our own tasty recipes so make sure you check out our website! 




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