Weight Loss Hacks

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Weight Loss Hacks

Are you looking to kickstart your weight loss journey? Here we explore some simple weight loss hacks (that isn't just exercise) to achieve your fitness goals!

1. Drink More Water

We know it's easy to fall into the habit of overloading yourself on coffee - but make sure you're getting enough water too!

Drinking water regularly at work can help with productivity, brain boost and calorie control. It is advised you should be drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day. 

2. Practice Good Sleep Habits

Multiple studies show that poor sleeping habits contribute to weight gain, and having a good nights sleep can help fight cravings, make healthy choices and prevent weight gain.

Healthline explain more ways to Lose Weight Through Sleep.

3. Cook Your Own Meals

Cooking your own meals gives you more control on portion sizes and how many calories you're consuming. Overall, cooking your own meals at home contribute to healthier diets and can also help save money.

4. Learn To Portion Control

Portion control means choosing a healthy amount of a certain food or meal. Portion control helps you get the benefits from the nutrients of the food you choose and can also help lose weight and keep the weight off. 

5. Plan Your Meals Ahead

Build a routine and prepare your meal ahead of time.

Meal prepping can help with organisation and is commonly used by busy people as it saves a lot of time. Your prepared meals for the week can be brought to work or eaten on the go.

Meal prepping can also help if you're looking to eat healthier, as having pre-prepared meals on hand can reduce portion size and can help you reach nutritional and fitness goals.

Read our blog on Meal Prepping for more information.

6. Learn To Spot Sugar

If you have a fitness goal in mind, always read the food label.

Large amounts of sugar can negatively impact your health, such as increasing the risk of weight gain and diabetes. So being mindful of your sugar intake and reading food labels will help you eliminate high quantities of sugar.

The Skinny Food Co provide products with little to no sugar

Here at The Skinny Food Co we have made it part of our mission to provide low sugar/sugar free healthy alternative products for everyone to enjoy. This includes foods you'd usually find high amounts of sugar in such as Syrups, Coffee Syrups, Sauces, Spreads and much more!

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7. Budgeting

Budgeting on what food you buy can help sustain a healthy diet and reach your fitness goals.

Eating at home, making your own meal and meal prep can all contribute to a healthier and cheaper way to live.

Planning your meals ahead gives you more control over portion size, what you're consuming throughout the week and helps you budget.

8. Snack Smart

If you want to eat healthier at work, it's important to snack smart. It's pretty difficult to avoid snacking at work, but as long as you're smart about it - there's really no harm.

  • Plan your meals and snacks ahead if you're counting the calories.
  • Make vegetables exiting! Pair some fresh veggies with peanut butter, hummus, a low fat cheese dip? Whatever you fancy.
  • Snack with The Skinny Food Co. We have an abundance of healthy alternative snacks, including high protein bars, low sugar chocolate treats and lots more! Visit our Healthy Alternative Snacks page to browse through this range.


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