How Do Our Chocolate Chip Cookies Compare?

How Do Our Chocolate Chip Cookies Compare? | theskinnyfoodco

How Do Our Chocolate Chip Cookies Compare?

In the spotlight: The Skinny Food Co Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix!

Our Cookies are only 96 calories each and a great source of protein and fibre. Using only 100% natural flavours and colours and zero palm oil you are sure to be in for a treat with these delicious low sugar Cookies. 

Why is our Edible Cookie Dough better than the rest?

  • Low Calorie (96 calories per cookie
  • Low Sugar (0.1g sugar per cookie
  • Source of Protein (3.5g protein per cookie)
  • High Fibre (4.7g fibre per cookie)
  • 100% Natural Flavours & Colours
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Vegetarian Friendly

    Simple food swaps with The Skinny Food Co can dramatically decrease your sugar and calorie intake, leading to a healthier diet without compromising on great taste.

    Introducing food alternatives and healthier substitutes is super easy, and we love to use our platform to educate people on these easy product swaps!

    Here, we explore how our Cookie Mix compares to other popular brands, as well as delving into some delicious recipe inspiration.

    The Skinny Food Co Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix VS Sainsbury's Cookie Mix

    So, how does our Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix compare to other popular brands?

    Let's use Sainsbury's Chocolate Cookie Mix as an example. Sainsbury's Mix contains a whopping amount of sugar - 33.8g to be exact, in comparison to our Cookie Mix with only 0.7g of sugar.

    Let's get down to the calorie content. Sainsbury's version of their Cookie Mix contains 470 calories whereas The Skinny Food Co's version contains 323 - that's over 100 less calories per serving!

    How to Use

    Our Cookies are super simple to create at home and include instructions on how to use on our packaging.

    Bake in around 30 mins time and enjoy low sugar and low calorie Cookie mix!

    Recipe Inspiration 

    1. Banoffee S'mores

    A real American treat! To make your S’mores, you'll need:



    1. Follow the easy baking instructions on the back of our Low Sugar Cookie Mix
    2. Once you have baked your cookies and they have cooled down ever so slightly, you want to add a large dollop of the Mallow and Marsh Salted Caramel Whip, a couple of segments of banana and our Sugar Free Billionaire’s Shortbread Syrup onto one side of the cookie before sandwiching it together with another cookie. Make sure the cookies aren’t completely cool so that the marshmallow melts.

    2. Chocolate Cookie Pie

    Chocolate Cookie Pie - who wants a slice?
    This pie is ONLY 172 calories per slice with each piece giving you 4.3g of Protein!


    1. Pour in Skinny Food Co’s Cookie mix into a large bowl

    2. Add 45ml of water, 25ml of oil and mix together until blended

    3. Roll the mixture into a ball

    4. Grab a circular baking tray, put down grease proof paper and pat the cookie mix down evenly into the tray

    5. Place into the oven for 15 minutes on 160 degrees

    6. Spread over 100g of melted White Chocaholic Spread

    7. Grab a packet of Milk Chocolate Crispies and mash into small pieces then sprinkle over the top layer

    8. Place in the fridge to cool



    3. Low Calorie Brookies

    We made the popular social media trend - Brookies! The most delicious combination of a cookie base and a brownie top.

    The downfall? A traditional Brookie can typically be anywhere from 400-700 calories each, so in true Skinny Food Co style, we bring to you a much healthier Brookie, which is lower in calories, low in sugar but still tastes amazing!

    View the recipe.

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