A Guide to Our Barista Collection: Syrups, Creamers and Flavour Drops You'll Love

A Guide to Our Barista Collection: Syrups, Creamers and Flavour Drops You'll Love | theskinnyfoodco

A Guide to Our Barista Collection: Syrups, Creamers and Flavour Drops You'll Love!

Looking for a healthier alternative to coffee syrups and creamers? Look no further!

Why add lots of unnecessary sugar and calories when you can enjoy coffee and add flavour without adding additional nasties. Our Barista Collection offers syrups, creamers and flavour drops packed full of flavour but without the guilt.

  • Gluten Free
  • Fat Free
  • Zero Calorie
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Sugar Free
  • Suitable for Diabetics, Children, and those following a Keto Diet

You don't even need to be a coffee lover to enjoy our Barista Collection - here we will explore different ways to use our Barista products.

Sugar Free Coffee Syrups

Make simple swaps and save thousands of calories and grams of sugar every month with The Skinny Food Co Flavoured Coffee Syrups. Our Syrups come in over 20 delicious flavours and are fat free, zero calorie and sugar free.

Our Barista range is designed to be added to hot drinks such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate and also great on fruit, baking, shakes, mixers and desserts.

How to use our Coffee Syrups

Shake well before use. Simply add 15ml to every 200ml of liquid and enjoy! 

Why not try our Caramel Biscuit Syrup to make a mouth-watering Caramel Biscuit Latte topped with whipped cream - we know you want to. 


Dairy-free Creamers

Our Non Dairy Creamers are also a great way to add a milk effect with flavour and sweetness to help you enjoy the perfect cup of coffee, breakfast or favourite dessert.

Available in lots of delicious flavours including Original, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Mocha, & Caramel.

How to use our Creamers

Just simply add as much as you desire to make the perfect drink you are using it with, or mix with milk. 

Why not try using our Hazelnut Creamer to make a toasted nutty flavoured Hazelnut Latte? Just add coffee of your choice and our Hazelnut Creamer - easy and delicious!


Zero Sugar Flavour Drops

Enhance your hot drinks or meals with our zero sugar Flavour Drops. A great addition to your coffee, breakfast or even baked goods. Why not try some in your fat-free yoghurt or your favourite drink? A versatile product which has been a huge hit with our Skinny Food Co Customers and available in lots of different yummy flavours.

How to use our Flavour Drops

Coffee not really your thing? Don't worry, our Flavour Drops can be used in just about anything. Just simply add our Flavour Drops to whatever you decide to eat or drink and enjoy!

Our Blue Raspberry Drops can be used to make a refreshing slush - perfect for summer! 


Zero Calorie Syrups

Our zero calorie, zero sugar, zero fat and completely guilt free Skinny Syrups are a fantastic way to enjoy drinks, desserts, cereals, and much more by adding a tummy flavour to enhance the taste even further. Unlike other syrups containing tonnes of calories and bad ingredients, we use all vigorously tested ingredients and have spent a long time formulating and perfecting our recipes that are allergen friendly and available in over 30 delicious flavours. 

How to use our Zero Calorie Syrups

Simply add our flavoured syrups to anything you desire!

Why not use our other Zero Calorie Syrups with your coffee?

Add coffee of your choice, a splash of our Salted Caramel and Vanilla Barista Syrup, add our dairy-free Caramel Creamer as a milk substitute and mix. Finish by drizzling our Salted Caramel and Vanilla Syrup on top. Delicious vanilla and caramel goodness all in one glass!


Go Crazy!

Why stop at just beverages? Our Barista Range can be used in your favourite baking recipes, protein shakes for a bit of extra flavour, or in your morning porridge. Check out our 5 Creative Ways to use our Coffee Barista Syrups blog or 5 Creative Ways To Use Our Dairy Free Creamers blog for more recipes and creative ways to use our Coffee Syrups and Creamers.


Shop our Barista Collection today!

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