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A Beginners Guide to a Dairy-Free Diet & a Brand New Bundle!

A Beginners Guide to a Dairy-Free Diet & a Brand New Bundle! - theskinnyfoodco

A Beginners Guide to a Dairy-Free Diet & a Brand New Bundle! 


Why a Dairy Free Diet? 

For some people, a dairy free diet may not be a choice - a lactose intolerance is where the body can't digest lactose, a type of sugar found in milk and other dairy products. For others, who follow a Vegan diet, dairy-free alternatives are a main source of food. Some might chose a dairy-free diet for health reasons - it can leader to clearer skin, decreased inflammation and can even lower the risks of cancers. 

It's important to consider the nutritional benefits of having dairy in your diet, for example, a glass of milk can contain all the amino acids and proteins needed for cell repair. So you will need to introduce non-dairy protein foods, like meat, eggs, nuts and seeds. 

If you're wondering how to convert to a dairy free life, for whatever the reason, there are so many easy swaps you could make; 

  • Plant based butters - made with oils rather than milk 
  • Milk alternatives - creamers, minor figures Oat Milk 
  • Cheese alternatives - for many, this is one of the hardest swaps to make. For a delicious Parmesan alternative,  try our High Protein Vegan Shaker

We have lots of delicious dairy-free alternatives on our website for you to try too! If you are a fitness fanatic, we've recently introduced the Effectiv Sports Nutrition Vegan Protein to our Other Brands section on our website - in three delicious flavours, you'll love this! 

You can still indulge in delicious chocolate bars on a dairy-free diet too! Our Skinny High Protein Low Sugar Bars are a best seller and we can see why - available in three yummy flavours, you need to get your hands on these heathy alternatives!




What does this delicious dairy free bundle include?

6 of our best-selling and customer favourite products; 

  • Chai Spice Virtually Zero* Non-Dairy Creamer - 1 Litre (Worth £6.49) a wonderful balance of sweet and spices to add to your coffee! 
  • Caramel Popcorn Virtually Zero* Non-Dairy Creamer - 1 Litre (Worth £6.49)  a sweet, buttery, caramel creamer, delicious to pour into any hot drinks. Our 1 Litre Non-Dairy Coffee Creamers are the best way to add sweet flavours to your hot drinks. They are the perfect dairy free milk alternative if you love flavour, or if you're lactose intolerant, these are perfect! 
  • Blue Cheese Virtually Zero® No Added Sugar Sauce - 425ml (Worth £3.99) Our Virtually Zero Blue Cheese Sauce is so versatile and is a delicious dairy-free alternative to a cheesy sauce. Give your meal a tangy twist, adding a creamy, garlic kick to your burgers, steaks or even chicken wings. Pour over a healthy salad or add into a Mexican Chilli, the uses are endless!  
  • Vegan Honey Zero Calorie Sugar Free Syrup - 425ml (Worth £3.99)  Our Vegan Honey is perfect to add to your desserts, porridge, or even ice-cream. Not only is it Bee Free, but it's also Zero Calorie. 
  • High Protein Vegan Cheese Shaker - 60g (Worth £2.20) A high protein alternative to cheese, it's perfect to sprinkle over cauliflower, pasta or even bolognaise! 
  • Cookie & Cream Skinny High Protein Low Sugar Bar (Worth £2.49)  - coated in delicious vegan dark chocolate, this bar is a creamy vanilla and cookie flavour. If you love chocolate, but don't love dairy, this the bar for you! 

Use code DAIRYFREE30 for 30% OFF!! (SAVE £7.66)

For some delicious dairy-free recipe inspiration, check out our blogs! 





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