Chocolate Strawberry Baked Crumpets

Chocolate Strawberry Baked Crumpets | theskinnyfoodco

Chocolate Strawberry Baked Crumpets

This British twist on French toast is the perfect start to your weekend - golden crumpets, juicy strawberries and low sugar chocolate syrup, this dish is sure to be a hit with the whole family. So easy and so tasty, these baked crumpets are the ideal breakfast, or sweet dessert! In typical Skinny Food Co style, we've kept the sugar and calories low so anyone can enjoy! 

Using our, Zero Calorie Chocolate Syrup means this recipe is a low sugar one - our syrups use Sucralose, so they are sugar free, and zero calorie. For more reasons why our chocolate products are top, click here! 

You will need:

(Serves 1)

 2 crumpets

1 large egg

50ml milk of your choice

20g dark chocolate chips 

3 fresh strawberries (chopped)

40ml SFC Chocolate Syrup 

How to make:  

1. Slice your crumpets into halves. Whisk together your egg and 50ml of milk into a mixing bowl and pour these over the crumpets in an oven proof dish.

2. Top this with 20g of dark chocolate chips and your chopped strawberries. We would recommend chopping these into smaller bitesize pieces. 

3. Bake these for 15 minutes at 200 degrees.

4. Allow to cool for around five minutes before drizzling over 40ml of our delicious Skinny Food Co Chocolate Syrup.

5. Serve and enjoy this delicious chocolatey dish! 

Calories & macros:

374 calories

44g carbs

14g fat

14g protein 

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