How Do Our Chocolate Products Compare?

How Do Our Chocolate Products Compare? | theskinnyfoodco

We're often asked why our chocolate products are so popular, and why we as a team love them so much. We've decided to make your shopping choices that little bit easier this winter by creating a quick comparison guide to some of our favourite products against some familiar names. 

Chocoholic Spread

The leading chocolate spread in the market at the moment, Nutella is definitely attractive to consumers, but when you take a closer look at its make up, we're not as keen. In one jar of Nutella, there is a whopping 220g of Sugar. In our Skinny Food Co Chocoholic Spread, there is 15.05g. This would mean, to consume almost as much sugar you would need to eat 18 jars of our Chocoholic Spread! An even better taste and even lower sugar intake! 

To add just that little bit extra excitement, we have 6 flavours, including our Brand New Salted Caramel and Mint flavour - so what are you waiting for?

Chocolate Flavour Syrup 

Popular syrup brand As**** is well known in the UK, but have you ever though about the sugar quantities you could be adding to your ice-cream? We compared their chocolate sauce to our Chocolate Flavour Syrup and there is a huge 315 calories per 100ml serving- this means that there is 70g of sugar. Our Skinny Food Co syrup only contains 4 calories per 100ml and yes, you guessed it, 0g of sugar! 

Chocoholic Snack Pots  

This year we introduced our Chocoholic Snack Pots and they have been so popular! Compared to a different brand (we won't make it too obvious) that contains a crazy 244 calories and 20.3 grams of sugar per pot (!!) Our Chocoholic Snack Pots contain 92% less sugar -  0.8g of sugar per pot and are only 102 calories! Not forgetting, our spread contains 0 Palm Oil! 

Skinny Peanut Butter Cups 

Our brand new Peanut Butter Cups have been a huge hit too! You can buy these in singles, trios and cases of 10 and there are 4 amazing flavours for you to get your hands on. These also contain 89% less sugar than other brands (one that starts with a R) and are less than 105 calories per cup! R***** has a massive 47g of sugar per 100g however, Skinny Food Co Peanut Butter Cups have a minute 5g of sugar per 100g! 

With these facts in mind, we think the choice is a no brainer ... 


Don't forget to tag us in any posts of our products and the creations we make this Christmas - hopefully those with less sugar too! 



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