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Success Stories with The Skinny Food Co: ep 7 Christina

Success Stories with The Skinny Food Co: ep 7 Christina | theskinnyfoodco

Success Stories with The Skinny Food Co: ep 7 Christina

 24 year old Christina is a self-proclaimed foodie, and we're no strangers to her amazing meals she posts on her social media! Working from home throughout the pandemic has given her more time to truly focus on her fitness journey and the outcomes are amazing! With no specific goal in mind, Christina started a calorie deficit diet. By learning what she could achieve herself, Christina managed to lose 14kg in weight, but also put on muscle! Reaching several fitness milestones, from lifting 100kg to doing 30 push ups in a row, Christina has achieved so much, and all with the help of using our products in her food, and the photos are amazing! 

'I still have a few goals in mind, but I am really just excited to just see what my body and mind are capable of achieving by this time next year!'

What made you chose Skinny Food Co products? 

I saw Skinny Food Co on Facebook and had heard about them through friends and I wanted to give them ago, they really stood out as a healthier alternative to the sauces and syrups I love. If it saved me calories it was a win win!

How have they helped you?

These products have been a game changer, I absolutely love their sauces, syrups and snacks. They are low calories, tasty and do not lack in flavour. I haven't been disappointed with any purchase yet!

What is it about our products that you love? 
Not only are they low calorie, but you wouldn't even know it, even if I wasn't in a calorie deficit, I would still buy from them, there's no use of palm oil and the company is such a wonderful team and they are all super helpful and provide the greatest service. The taste of these products are amazing, they are addictive and completely guilt free!

Would you recommend us? 
I have already recommended these products to all my family and friends and they all love them! Even if you aren't looking to lose weight, I would highly recommend these products, they are a reasonable price (there's always a newsletter I get with amazing offers, which helps me get a variety of things each time, I'm always trying new products I never would have thought to use!)

Your favourite product 
I have SO many favourites it's hard to choose just one! I would have to say, I love the Butterscotch Syrup on my pancakes of a morning, or porridge! As well as the Honey BBQ with my burgers and Burritos. I am also a huge fan of their Skinny Peanut Butter Cups - I have had both White and Milk and they are divine!! Their Strawberry Jam is a staple in my diet as it's so low calorie and makes a great topper on toast or rice cakes, especially before a workout! The Pizza base and Fakeaway products make Saturday nights fun, being able to make a homemade pizza with my partner is such fun and it's under half the calories of a Dominos, and tastes just as good! Perfect date night!



 If like Christina, you have a story you would like to share please get in touch with us! 



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