3 Diabetic Friendly Desserts | theskinnyfoodco

3 Diabetic Friendly Desserts

We have teamed up with Eva Copper, The Student Chef, and she has created us three delightful puddings using Skinny Food Co products. If you want to see Eva in action, see below on our YouTube channel, but in the meantime, here’s how you can recreate these masterpieces.

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4 Dinners For Fussy Kids | theskinnyfoodco

4 Dinners For Fussy Kids

Struggling to feed your kids without a tantrum? Do we have the solution for you! Read our blog and watch our YouTube video for 4 super easy, quick recipes that your kids will love you for!

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Halloween Treats | theskinnyfoodco

Halloween Treats

Are you ready to get in the spooky mood? With Halloween on its way, that means one thing only… Hocus Pocus, looking questionable and of course, tasty food. And we’re here today to deliver. In today’s blog post, we’re going to be giving you three delightful recipes that’ll have you in the creepy mood sooner than you planned. 

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How To: Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap | theskinnyfoodco

How To: Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap

With our Virtually Zero Calorie Sweet Chilli Sauce being one of our best sellers, we thought we'd hop on here and our YouTube channel to give you a little inspiration for a speedy chilli chicken wrap recipe. 

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Fun and Delicious Smoothie Recipes | theskinnyfoodco

Fun and Delicious Smoothie Recipes

If you're craving a smoothie then you NEED to try out some of these recipes! They're fun, easy and most importantly healthy...

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Eton Mess French Toast | theskinnyfoodco

Eton Mess French Toast

Want to take your breakfast to the next level?! Our Sugar Free Flavoured Drops are a MUST! Try this...

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3 Autumn Recipes To Make This Year | theskinnyfoodco

3 Autumn Recipes To Make This Year

The season of salads is over and now it's all about the comfort foods of soups, baked goods and indulgent hot drinks. In this blog, we're here to give you 3 delectable Autumn recipes to make this year. 

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Raspberry Summer Slushies | theskinnyfoodco

Raspberry Summer Slushies

These blue slushies are exactly what the warm weather calls for! Simple and delicious, they will only take a couple of minutes to create in a blender...

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Healthy Sandwich Ideas For a Delicious Lunchtime | theskinnyfoodco

Healthy Sandwich Ideas For a Delicious Lunchtime

Want a healthier, low sugar/low carb bread? Our brand new Bread Mix easily allows you to enjoy bread without excessive sugar and carbs! Plus, with only 44 calories per serving and gluten free, you have no excuse to not pack it full of your favourite fillings…

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Home-Made Pakora Potato Slices | theskinnyfoodco

Home-Made Pakora Potato Slices

Want to get more creative with your lunch? Try these home-made potato slices. They’re a twist on a traditional pakora and uses our Garam Masala and Curry Tandoori spices to give your side dish the perfect flavour...

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Guilt Free Cocktails To Enjoy This Summer | theskinnyfoodco

Guilt Free Cocktails To Enjoy This Summer

Check out these Guilt Free cocktails for you to enjoy from the comfort of your living room...

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Inspiration for a Healthy Lunch | theskinnyfoodco

Inspiration for a Healthy Lunch

Wraps are a popular lunch, crammed full of your favourite meat or meat-free options. They’re filling, high in protein and, if you make them right, absolutely delicious...

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Strawberry Lemonade Ice Lollies | theskinnyfoodco

Strawberry Lemonade Ice Lollies

Looking for a low-calorie snack on a hot day? These ice lollies only contain 4 calories each and are packed full of flavour using our Strawberry Crush Flavour Gourmet Drops...

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Chocaholic Cookies | theskinnyfoodco

Chocaholic Cookies

Is there anything better than a gooey cookie oozing with chocolate spread? We don't think so, check out this amazing recipe for the perfect healthy but delicious snack...

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Honey BBQ Hunters Chicken | theskinnyfoodco

Honey BBQ Hunters Chicken

There’s no need to feel guilty enjoying your favourite dinner with this delicious, lower-fat Hunters Chicken recipe. One swap to our delicious, fat free, sugar free, virtually zero calories sauce can make a huge difference...

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How To Use Our Skinny Spices | theskinnyfoodco

How To Use Our Skinny Spices

Our Skinny Spices are available in 16 different flavours and can be used alongside meat, tofu, fish, vegetables, chips and much more. Check out our recipe recommendations...

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Double Cookie Brownie Bites | theskinnyfoodco

Double Cookie Brownie Bites

These delicious double cookie brownie bites are the perfect low sugar snack! They're fun to creative and taste heavenly - check out this recipe...

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Triple Chocolate Cake Pops | theskinnyfoodco

Triple Chocolate Cake Pops

Bring a little rainbow to the mix with these delicious cake pops! Made using our Low Sugar Double Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix, they come to only 40 calories each...

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How To Use Our Low Sugar Pancake Mix | theskinnyfoodco

How To Use Our Low Sugar Pancake Mix

Do you absolutely love pancakes? If you answered YES then our low-sugar mix is perfect for you. With only 27 calories per pancake and zero palm oil, you can make a tasty stack without worrying about the sugar content and here's how...

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Disney-Inspired Recipes | theskinnyfoodco

Disney-Inspired Recipes

Take your tastebuds on an magical adventure with our brand-new Mermaid Syrup. It’s bright blue colour that glitters and sparkles to transport you straight into a fairy-tale (giving it it’s mermaid nickname) – and what’s more? It’s not just for children to enjoy, this syrup is perfect for everyone!

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