Zero Calorie Syrups: The Truth Behind Our Products

Zero Calorie Syrups: The Truth Behind Our Products | theskinnyfoodco

Zero Calorie Syrups: The Truth Behind Our Products

When people hear about The Skinny Food Co, they automatically think of our Low Calorie Syrups. Why, you ask? Our syrup range is not only our largest, but it holds nearly every flavour you could ever want for the ideal accompaniment to your dessert or coffee. However, this still doesn’t explain why our Zero Calorie Syrups are the centre of attention.

In today’s article, we’re going to show you why our Sugar Free Syrups are so popular, and why, if you haven’t already, you should get your hands on a bottle or 5!

What Is In Our Zero Calorie Syrups?
Well, for starters, we bet you didn’t know that our Sugar Free Syrups are made up of 90% water did you? That’s right! You can indulge in deliciously tasting coffees and sweet treats with the notion that our syrups are mostly h2o. The rest is down to flavour, texture and colour. So, that explains how our syrups are so low in calories and sugar.

How Do We Come Up With The Flavours?
We have both our Barista Sugar Free Coffee Syrups and the original Zero Calorie Syrups too. Both ranges hold flavours that our customers & team members ask for. This Autumn, we have released two brand new Barista Coffee Syrup flavours: Pumpkin Spiced & Bonfire Toffee. And to get in the festive spirit for Christmas, we have also released Christmas Pudding, Mulled Wine and Mince Pie in our Zero Calorie Syrup range too.


What Makes Our Syrups Stand Out?
Here at The Skinny Food Co, we create all of our products in the notion that they’re accessible for all lifestyles and diets. Our Zero Sugar Syrups are suitable for vegans, those who suffer from Diabetes, those who have allergies and are gluten intolerant. Therefore, there are not many people out there who can’t devour our syrups. We are a fully inclusive brand, and that’s what makes us stand out in the market.

We hope we’ve given you an insight into our Sugar Free Syrups. If you ever have any questions about them, please feel free to drop them below. We’re always showcasing your tasty recipes on our socials too, so if you’re lacking inspiration on how to use our syrups, make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

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