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Eating lean meats alongside a healthy lifestyle is a great source of protein, consuming less fat and less calories, but what if we told you that you can still enjoy lean meals packed full of delicious flavour, without adding on the calories? 

Fitness isn’t just about getting out of bed and training 5 times a week. Whether you are training, working out, slimming or just an avid fitness fanatic, eating lean is the best way to achieve the results you’re after. The Skinny Food Co and Fit Foods is here to support both dietary needs and choices.

Including Extra Lean ‘Muscle’ Steak Burgers, Lean Prime Sirloin Steaks, Premium Chicken Breast Fillets and Extra Lean ‘Skinny’ Steak Meatballs. With over 100 products to select on the website, this range is designed to suit a range of low fat, clean eating lifestyle choices. Perfectly paired with Virtually Zero, Sugar Free Sauce from The Skinny Food Co, our ‘virtually fat free’ protein meats are ideal for customers who desire high protein and high quality foods. Now you can enjoy a Lean Steak Burger with our Virtually Zero Burger Relish Sauce – eating clean doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your favourite flavours!

Pair any of your favourite meats with over 30 sauces in our range - there is a lean combination for every customer. Our South West Virtually Zero Sauce would be the perfect pairing with Extra Lean ‘Muscle’ Turkey Burgers, marinated in our Skinny Meat Seasoning. The generous portion sizes range is prepared by expert butchers, to the highest of standards. There is no better way to enjoy these high quality, lean cuts of meat with no fat than with Skinny Food Co’s No Added Sugar Spices and Seasonings, made from all natural ingredients.

Why not pair a delicious pork loin steak with our Skinny Food Co Steak Pepper Sauce? Or, top your vegetable flatbreads with Chicken Breast Fillets, and add a squirt of our Virtually Zero Chip Shop Curry. 

 However you enjoy high protein, high quality meats, there is a Skinny Sauce perfect to pair it with! 


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