IN THE SPOTLIGHT: #NotGuilty Sweet Chilli Sauce

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: #NotGuilty Sweet Chilli Sauce | theskinnyfoodco


The Skinny Food Co Sweet Chilli #NotGuilty Sauce


We have found that society seems to be leaning more towards being healthy and selecting healthier alternatives. This is why The Skinny Food Co was formed. We are passionate about healthier alternatives. We like the 'Skinny' option. 'Skinny' of course means a healthier lower calorie choice in comparison to original versions which tend to contain higher calories, carbs and sugar.

Our range of sauces continues to grow as we have a very loyal customer base that keeps demanding we introduce new sauces. Since launching with our first sauces (BBQ, Ketchup, Chip Shop Curry) we had huge demand for Garlic Mayo, Sweet Chilli and various other sauces that were being requested. We love to listen to our customers and base our business decisions on YOU and what you want. After all, without you who are we?

We have put together a quick comparison image which shows you the HUGE difference between our product and an original product.

Our Sweet Chilli Sauce sold out in just 2 days when first launched and we are not surprised by this. After all it's a extremely popular product and it does taste pretty awesome if we may say so ourselves!

How will you use your Sweet Chilli Sauce? Please tag us on social media and we will share as many images as possible.

#NotGuilty x


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