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Thermal Cup - The Skinny Food Co - Travel Coffee Cup 350ml

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Introducing our latest range of travel mugs, our Skinny Food Co thermal cups are the ideal way to keep your coffee hot whilst on the go. Designed with your morning commute in mind, our travel-size insulated coffee cups are entirely dishwasher friendly and keep your drinks hot or cold. 

Travel Coffee Mugs 

Are you looking for the best way to transport your hot beverages? Our reusable coffee cups are eco-friendly and can fit perfectly in your car's cup holder so you'll never have to worry about spillage whilst travelling. 

When to use it? 

  • On your way to work 
  • For an eco-friendly option for drinks at coffee shops 
  • For journeys & travelling 
  • For outdoor adventures - hiking, camping, walking etc

What drinks can be made in a travel mug 

Our reusable coffee cups aren't just for your standard coffee, you can use it for a wide variety of your favourite drinks, here are just some examples: 

  • Tea 
  • Coffees
  • Flavoured & Syrup Coffees
  • Hot Chocolate 
  • Iced Tea
  • Iced Coffee
  • Juices & Smoothies
  • Fruit-infused waters
  • Water
  • Fizzy Drinks 
  • Flavoured Teas

The Benefits of Thermal Coffee Cups 

Apart from being way more visually appealing than your classic paper cup, there are a number of great benefits when swapping to thermal coffee cups, such as: 

  • Environmentally friendly -  Using an insulated tumbler can save traditional paper coffee cups from ending up in a landfill or the ocean, making it a great way to do your part for the environment, without the hassle. The coffee tumblers can also be recycled in case of breakage or replacements. 
  • Better heat retention - insulated coffee cups like those made from stainless steel, plastic or ceramic have far superior heat retention, meaning they'll keep your drinks hot for longer.
  • Leak-proof - Clumsyness is no issue when it comes to our Skinny Food Co Thermal Cups, they're designed with a leakproof lid to keep your drink warm and secure. 
  • Dishwasher Safe - There's 0 hassle, simply rinse with warm water and place upside down in your dishwasher. 

Important Safety Use & Care Instructions:

Wash in warm, soapy water before using. Dry thoroughly. 

Mug & lid are top-rack dishwasher safe, do not use cleaners containing bleach, chlorine, abrasives and/or other harsh chemicals.

Remember that using a lid can prevent you from gauging the temperature of a beverage. 

Please allow hot liquids to cool down to a drinkable temperature before securing the lid and before drinking.

Always make sure the lid is securely attached to the mug before you drink it. 

Caution:  Liquids in the mug can be very hot - Do not overfill the mug as hot liquids can scold. 

Fill liquids just below the threading on the mug.

Leakage may occur if the mug is tipped over.

The mug is not recommended for young children

End of Life: When you decide to dispose of the mug, it can be recycled where facilities are available, alternatively, you can return the mug to the manufacturer, marked for 'Americano Recycling', where it will be recycled. 



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