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We've put together some deliciously irresistible bundles of all shapes and sizes to enjoy and help you save some pennies when shopping in bulk.
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Weekly Specials

Save up to 70% in our Weekly Specials Range, including our best sellers, third party products and much more! Get them while you can, as all featured products in our Weekly Specials Collection change every week!
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Skinny Sauces

Do you prefer to dip? Or to smother? Whatever kind of person you are – finally you don’t need to worry about overdoing it with your sauce thanks to our Virtually Zero Calorie, Fat Free and Sugar Free Sauces. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner by adding mouth-watering flavour to enhance your meals.
Zero calorie

Skinny Syrups

Sweeten up your life with The Skinny Food Co Skinny Syrups – without adding the sugar. Our Zero Calorie Syrups are a fantastic way to enjoy breakfast meals, desserts, drinks and much more by adding delicious flavour to enhance the taste even further.
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Our delectable Spreads Collection ranges from low sugar Chocolate Spreads to zero palm oil Peanut Butter – there’s really something for everyone. With our Skinny Food Co Spreads we like to remove the sugar, lower the calories and offer you the same great tasting experience.
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Coffee Collection

Looking for a healthy alternative to flavoured coffee? Look no further! Why add lots of unnecessary sugar and calories when you can enjoy coffee and add flavour without adding additional nasties. Our Barista Coffee Collection offers great tasting coffee companions without overloading on sugar, calories and fat.
Healthy alternative


Who said snacking had to be unhealthy? We bring to you a collection of healthy alternative snacks to power you through the day.
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Skinny Flavour Drops

One drop really does pack a punch. Enhance your meals with our sugar free Flavour Drops - a great addition to your breakfast, baked goods, desserts or even your drinks. The sky really is the limit with our versatile Flavour Drops, available in an array of delicious flavours you didn’t know you needed.
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Cocktail Mixes

Bring the memories of hot summer days to the comfort of your home with our luscious zero calorie and sugar free Cocktail Mixes.
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Tea Syrups

Make a deliciously healthy iced tea and bring the memories of hot summer days with these luscious Skinny Tea Syrups. Or - why not make a hot tea and curl up under a blanket in the winter months? These tea syrups are perfect for all occasions and can be enjoyed by everyone, everywhere at any time.
Healthier takeaways


Ever wanted to recreate your favourite takeaway dishes? Look no further. Enjoy delicious flavours from around with world with our low sugar Fakeaway Sauces. Not only that - we finally have the answer to healthy microwave meals, and it's our Fakeaway Ready Meal Collection. Enjoy exotic flavours with no hassle and in little time - 3.5 minutes to be exact.
Low sugar


Sometimes you can’t beat a good old cake! We’re promoting healthy eating from home and our low sugar home baking kits will help you knock up a fantastic family treat that the kids will even love helping make. Really simple and easy to use and packed full of flavour without all the sugar!
Low sugar


Start your day the right way with The Skinny Food Co - breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all.
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1 Cal Sprays

Looking for a lower calorie alternative to cooking spray? We've got you covered. Our Cooking Sprays are help you maintain a healthy balanced meal without overdoing the oil at mealtimes.
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Clearance Items

From just 49p, our Clearance Collection is stocked with popular items and once they're gone - they're gone! Please note our Clearance Items have a short or past best before date.
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Shop by Lifestyle

Browse through our Shop By Lifestyle collection to find products which suit your lifestyle to a tee, including Gluten Free, Vegan, and Keto friendly products.

Other Brands

Skinny Food Co products vary across many different food categories but to show support to other businesses we decided to put a third party brands section on site so you can enjoy our products and the best products we have identified from other vendors. From Grenade Bars, 3D Energy Drinks, Marshmallow Bars and delicious UFIT Crisps we have an ever growing range aimed to please you!
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Kitchen Accessories & Appliances

Take the hassle out of cooking with our selected range of Kitchen Appliances and Accessories.