Loyalty scheme

Loyalty Scheme

We just love and value our customers so very much, and to show our appreciation for you all - we have a Loyalty Scheme which can earn you points for spending money with us.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without your support - thank you for your loyalty!

On the homepage of the website (mobile and desktop), click the loyalty points widget which says 'sign up and earn points'. Click 'join now', register your details and press continue.
Once you’ve registered, we will send you an email verification. Visit your email and verify that you have set up the account.
Earn Points
Visit the store and you’ll automatically earn 50 points now you’ve signed up! 50 points = £1.25.

How to Earn Points

Every £1 spent in store gives you 1 loyalty point towards your future purchases. You can also earn points by doing the following within the widget on the website (mobile and desktop).

Share on Facebook + 25 points

Share on Twitter + 25

Follow us on Instagram + 25 points

250 Points = £5.00

500 = £10.00

750 = £15.00

Happy birthday to you … we’ll also give you 50+ points for your birthday. 

Customer Tiers

Bronze: Spend £200 in the last 365 days and automatically receive 100 point

Silver: Spend £500 in the last 365 days and automatically receive 250 points.

Gold: Spend £1,000 in the last 365 days and automatically receive 500 points.

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