We're about skinny, not skinny.

When we say Skinny, we’re talking about our food. Skinny because of the sugar we take away. Skinny because of the calories we reduce down to virtually zero. That’s the only Skinny we care about.

The Skinny story so far

At The Skinny Food Co, our story started how all the best stories do – with good people, good food and the desire to make a positive difference to the world and those within it.

In 2018, inspired by a desire to improve the relationship their diabetic family members had with food, our co-founders – James and Wayne – set out with the vision of providing healthier, less calorie dense alternatives to the foods we all love and love to enjoy.

We started small, with ketchup and barbecue sauce – all gluten, fat and dairy free with no added sugar – but quickly learned that everyone wanted a piece of what we offered, and they wanted more of it.

Our product range grew, and grew, then grew a bit more – to where it now boasts upwards of 500 products – but our vision constantly stayed the same and remained at the heart of everything we do, always. To provide everyone with a full serving of the foods they love without sacrificing their health.

“We just want you to be healthy, happy and eating the delicious foods you love.”

James Whiting & Wayne Starkey

Founders of The Skinny Food Co.

Skinny Foods

A journey to flavour and health

Sugar is overrated

We've always thought food should be better, easier, more tasty and healthy.

We know you thought the same.
So we embarked on our journey to tastier, healthier flavours…

Creating deliciously tasty food for the way we live and eat now.

Making sure we're uncompromisingly low calorie.

Bringing colour, texture and taste-bud popping flavours to gluten-free foods.

Introducing easy and convenient foods that make preparing meals simpler for everyone, whatever they’re looking for.

And all the time with one simple aim.

To bring you a complete range of foods that taste so much better than your lesser-tasting low-calorie alternatives.

Food that's as good for you as it tastes.
Food that brings you a better way to eat.
Foods that have Skinny at their heart.

Eat healthy. Eat happy. Eat Skinny Food Co.

  • Zero calorie

    Skinny Syrups

    Don’t be shy. Lather it on like no one’s watching.

    Our Skinny syrups are a constant fan favourite. And, if you’ve ever tried them, you’ll understand why. Rich, smooth and oozing with more flavours than you could ever wish for, they’re the perfect partner for any culinary occasion.

    What’s more, being sugar, calorie, allergen and dairy free, they’re readily enjoyable for everyone.

    Little tip – order these in twos and threes. Trust us, you’ll get through them quick.

  • Zero calorie

    Skinny Sauces

    Sauces so good they’ll make you sing.

    If our Skinny sauces were music, they’d be jazz. Lively, bouncing and explosive flavours wrap themselves around harmonious, melodic goodness, creating the ideal environment for chip lovers around the globe.

    That’s a lot going on in a sauce bottle?

    We know. We had to kick out the sugar and the calories to make room for it all, and even then it was a squeeze. But we made it work.

  • Zero calorie

    Skinny Spreads

    Load up. No need to apply with caution.

    Our Skinny spreads deliver more than just 92% less sugar, reduced calories and zero palm oil. They spread deliciously sweet, guilt-free happiness.

    Sound like a good combo?

    We think so too. We also find it quite comforting knowing we’ve got a jar of guilt-free happiness in the cupboard. It’s surprisingly useful.

What’s next for The Skinny Food Co?

Who knows? And, honestly, we think that’s quite exciting.

Part of the fun of what we do at The Skinny Food Co is constantly surprising you guys, our customers, with new and exciting products. So, whatever our next move is, one thing’s for sure – we’ll continue to keep you guessing, and we’ll continue to keep your tastebuds on their toes, every step of the way.

If you really can’t wait though (we get it, who can when it comes to food) get in touch. We’re always on the lookout for innovative product suggestions, so we can provide you with more of what you want.

After all, it’s our vision – to provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy tasty, healthy alternatives to the foods they love.

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