Become an affiliate

Become an Affiliate

Why Join the Skinny Food Co Affiliate Program?

We offer a wide range of great tasting healthy products that include:

Skinny Sauces - Virtually Zero® Sugar Free, Fat Free Sauces

Skinny Syrups - Zero Calorie, Sugar Free, Fat Free Syrups

Skinny Spreads – Not Guilty, Low Sugar Spreads

Fakeaway Ready Meals - Under 300 Calories, High Protein, Ready in 3 Minutes

Low Calorie Snack Range, Keto Range, Vegetarian & Vegan Range

So we’re confident that your followers will LOVE a number of our products.

We pride ourselves on delivering a high level of service at The Skinny Food Co and recently introduced a faster dispatch time frame of 3-5 working days. Not only that, we have a number of different payment options to cater to all of our customers' needs.

Ready to join?

Step 1

Signing Up

Firstly, you will need to sign up to the Webgains platform. You can do this by registering an account via the Webgains link below. Please add your own URL, not
Step 2

Get in Touch

Email our account manager once you have completed the form and wait for approval. If you do not do this, you will be at the bottom of a long list of potential affiliates waiting to be approved. You will receive the following email once you have been accepted.
Step 3


Click the "activate account" link from your welcome email and then search to become a Skinny Food Co Affiliate.
Step 4

Sit Back

Once you have requested to become a Skinny Food Co Affiliate, sit back and wait to be approved. This should be no longer than 72 hours. Once accepted you will receive the following welcome email.
Step 5

Get Creative!

You're now free to make your Skinny Food Co campaigns. please refer to our Webgains support guide below. If you need further assistance or have any questions about the Webgains platform contact our dedicated account manager Wingmei Ng via email at

What tools do we provide you with?

As one of our affiliates or influencers, you will have a number of great offers and new products to share with your followers.

We offer one major offer a week and create two new bundles every Friday. Additionally, we offer a wide range of non-coded bundles that customers can stack up on to make HUGE savings. We are releasing new products every week and have made it our mission to enable people to enjoy food as it should be enjoyed and to put 'avoided' 'unhealthy' options firmly back on the menu.

How do you benefit from The Skinny Food Co program at Webgains?

Banners: Creatives updated in line with promotions and seasonal events

Commission: earn 8 - 12% commission (including VAT + P&P) Cookie Length: 30 days Affiliate Approval: Request for Approval

Voucher Codes: Exclusive codes only. Discount & Cash Back websites are NOT permitted to promote generic offers 

Datafeed: Fully automated

Our average order value is £25.00 so this means on average you can earn £3 for the sale of a new customer and £2 for the sale of an existing customer. If you can achieve 20 sales per month at £25.00 average order value would be £720 commission a year for new customers and £480 commission for existing customers. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool so you hold the ability to be able to generate sales through your own network of people. We would like to welcome you to the program.

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