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Delicious Meals Using Our Low Sugar Sauces

Delicious Meals Using Our Low Sugar Sauces - theskinnyfoodco

Delicious Meals Using Our Low Sugar Sauces

The Skinny Food Co are on a mission to provide healthier alternatives at meal times by eliminating unnecessary high sugar, high calorie and high fat content in our products - and our Skinny Sauce Collection is no exception.

If you enjoy food that packs a lot of flavour, you may be consuming condiments or sauces that contain tons of salt, sugar and calories. Are ready-made sauces the real devil in disguise to unhealthy dishes?

Fear no more! The Skinny Food Co have created a delicious formula to our sauces which is healthier for you but doesn't compromise on delicious taste.

Here, we explore some tasty low calorie meals incorporating our sugar free/low sugar, gluten free, fat free, diabetic friendly and vegan Skinny Sauces.


1. Garlic & Herb Greek Pitta Bites

Get your Greek on with some Mediterranean goodness.

Using our low sugar and low calorie Garlic & Herb Sauces, these Greek Pitta Bites will transport you to a beautiful Greek island.

Simply top pitta bread with tomato, red onion, basil and Greek feta.

Use our Garlic & Herb Sauce as a dip or drizzle over the top.

garlic and herb pitta bites

2. Cheesy Potato Skins

 A wholesome comfort dish oozing with a delicious cheese and herb filling.

Bake your potatoes in the oven at 220 degrees for 1 hour, turning half way through to cook evenly. Once done, remove from the oven and carefully cut the potatoes in half. Scoop out most of the inner potato and put into a mixing bowl. Be careful to keep the skins intact!

In your mixing bowl, add grated cheddar cheese and our Blue Cheese Sauce to your mashed potato. Pop back in the oven for a further 15 minutes and sprinkle with some chopped parsley - enjoy!

Why not use our Blue Cheese Sauce as a dip too? There's no need to feel any guilt from cheese overload as our Blue Cheese Sauce is fat free, low sugar, low calorie and vegan!

cheesy potato skins with blue cheese sauce

3. Devilled Eggs

A party favourite! Impress your guests with some garlicy devilled eggs using our Garlic Mayo Sauce.

Bring water to boil and add the eggs to cook for 12 minutes. Once the eggs are boiled, remove them safely from the pan and place into a large bowl of cold water and allow to cool for 15 minutes.

Cut the eggs in half and gently spoon the yolk out of each egg and pop them into a mixing bowl. Add our Garlic Mayo to the mix, Smoked Paprika Seasoning, a little bit of mustard and mush together with a fork to create a mix.

Spoon the mixture back into the white of the eggs, sprinkle with some more smoked paprika and there you have it!

devilled eggs with garlic mayo

4. Cheesy Scrumpet Cups

I know what you're thinking, what on earth are Scrumpet Cups? Believe us when we say, these beauties are something you never thought you needed until now.

These delicious scrumpet cups combine crumpets, cheese and egg and are the perfect breakfast or snack. Pair with our sweet Honey BBQ Sauce for the perfect combo.

View the full recipe.

 crumpet bites with honey BBQ sauce

5. Hotdogs

A classic, but would be nothing without a delicious sauce!

Our Tomato Ketchup and Honey Mustard are the perfect addition to a 10/10 hotdog. Not only are they both delicious, they are also a healthy alternative to other brands.

For example, in a 10ml serving of Heinz Ketchup there's 3.3g of carbs and 2.7g of sugar - whereas The Skinny Food Co Tomato Ketchup has just 0.6g of carbs and of course, 0g of sugar!

hotdogs with ketchup and honey mustard

6. South West Veggie Tacos

Make a traditional Mexican dish from the comfort of your own home.

Our Virtually Zero South West Sauce is a delicious Smokey Mexican Flavoured addition to our collection - perfect for a Veggie Taco!

With hints of mustard and lime, this sauce is packed full of flavour, and is the best way to spice up your Mexican dinners! Like all of our sauces, it's sugar free, super low in calories and suitable for any dietary requirements.

View the recipe.

southwest sauce vegetarian tacos

7. Sweet Chilli Wraps

Simple, delicious and packed with flavour!

Sweet chilli wraps are super easy to recreate at home and perfect for lunch time.

Our Virtually Zero Sweet Chilli Sauce has just the right level of spicy kick and tangy goodness. Of course, it tastes great in more than just wraps - our Sweet Chilli Sauce is great for dipping, stirred into a creamy pasta sauce, or even on top of a cheesy toastie!

View the recipe.

sweet chilli wrap

8. Chicken Curry Flatbreads

These curry flatbreads are super simple to make and ready in under 3 minutes!

Topped with our Virtually Zero Chip Shop Curry Sauce, delicious vegetables and succulent chicken, these flatbreads are the perfect blend of spice and sweetness!

View the recipe.

chip shop curry sauce with chicken pitta

9. Vegan Eggs Benedict

A brunch favourite made vegan!

You can easily swap ingredients to make a delicious vegan version of the classic Eggs Benedict. Simply replace the egg with scrambled tofu, add vegan smoky ham (Quorn), sprinkle some chives or spring onion and top with Skinny Food Co Hollandaise Sauce.

vegan eggs benedict

10. Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Homemade chicken nuggets seem pretty daunting at first, but they are actually super easy to make at home!

Preheat your oven to 220 degrees. Coat either mini chicken breast fillets or chicken breasts cut into strips in flour first, then egg and then breadcrumbs - pressing firmly and ensuring you've coated both sides of the chicken.

Put the chicken strips on a baking tray and brush each strip with oil. Bake for 15-20 minutes turning halfway through.

Pair with our Virtually Zero Calorie Smokey BBQ sauce as a side dip and enjoy!

homemade chicken nuggets

11. Spicy Avocado Rice Cakes

Spice up your day with Sriracha and Avocado rice cake snack!

Thinly slice or crush some avocado and place on top of each rice cake - add a little bit of spice with The Skinny Food Co Sriracha Sauce.

spicy avocado rice cakes with sriracha sauce

12. Chicken and Chips

Chicken and chips, name a better duo.

Go crazy and drizzle Tomato Ketchup, Smokey BBQ, Garlic Mayo or whatever you like over your chicken and chips! Go wild, as our Skinny Sauces are low calorie, low sugar, dairy free, gluten free and diabetic friendly.

chicken and chips with ketchup and BBQ sauce


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