Easy Chicken Curry Flatbreads

Easy Chicken Curry Flatbreads | theskinnyfoodco

Easy Chicken Curry Flatbreads

These curry flatbreads are super easy to make, using only 2 ingredients and ready in under 3 minutes! Topped with our Virtually Zero Chip Shop Curry Saucethese flatbreads are the perfect blend of spice and sweetness that you'll be wanting more! Topped with some delicious vegetables and succulent chicken, this recipe is perfect for the entire family to enjoy! Full of vibrant colour, these would be amazing to impress your party guests this summer! 

You will need: 

(Makes 2 large flatbreads)

  • 100g self raising flour
  • 100g fat free Greek style yogurt
  • 180g shredded cooked chicken
  • 60ml SFC Chip Shop Curry Sauce
  • Handful of chopped spinach
  • 1 chopped salad tomato 
  • 1 chopped red chilli
  • 1 chopped green chilli 
  • 5g black onion seeds
  • 5g sesame seeds 

How to make: 

1. Mix together 100g fat free Greek style yogurt with 100g of self raising flower. Stir together to make a dough-like mixture, so you can make a ball in your hands.  

2. Sprinkle your surface with flour and split the dough-ball into two halves. Roll out each one with a rolling pin so it resembles a flatbread. 

3. Spray your pan with our low calorie cooking sprays and fry these on a high heat, for approximately 2-3minutes on each side. 

4. Use our Skinny Food Co Virtually Zero Chip Shop Curry Sauce as a base, pouring 30ml on each flat bread. 

5. Pour over your chopped spinach, tomatoes, shredded cooked chicken, chopped chillies. Top with a sprinkle of black onion seeds and sesame seeds.



Calories & macros per flatbread:

For one flatbread there is only 383 calories, 40g carbs, 6g fat and 38g of protein.

Why not experiment with toppings for create amazing new flavours! You could try a kebab style flatbread using our Fakeaway Sugar Free Kebab Sauce and some vegan kebab meat? Or one coated in our Virtually Zero Sweet Chilli Sauce, topped with chilli prawns and salad? Our Virtually Zero Steak Pepper Sauce would be an amazing flavour for a flatbread with some fried steak! 



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