Takeaways Have Gone Healthy @ The Skinny Food Co

Takeaways Have Gone Healthy @ The Skinny Food Co | theskinnyfoodco

The Skinny Food Co team are happy to announce that our Fake Away® range has finally launched! Now you can shop our delicious, yet healthy alternative sauces and pizza bases that are both gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Our range will be available online and within our shop located in the small little town of Arnold, Nottinghamshire-based directly next to our HQ.

Our Fake Away® sauce range is made up of Chinese, Indian, Burger, Pizza and we also have a Kebab Sauce which finishing touches are being made to as we speak. All of these sauces are low in sugar and fat-free, but still bare the same great taste as the already-infamous takeaway flavours. 

“Ever since our Skinny Sauces took the stage and have become a best seller for The Skinny Food Co, we knew that it was time to branch out even further to flavours that we all already know and love. Our sauces still deliver the same taste sensations that you get from indulgent takeaways, but they’re essentially a healthier alternative.” Wayne Starkey, Co-Founder of The Skinny Food Co

Our already existing Skinny Sauce selection includes a wide range of traditional English flavours such as Tomato Ketchup, Curry Sauce and Garlic Mayo, but all hold the same key selling points of being zero calories, diabetic-friendly, vegan-friendly and water-based. The directors of The Skinny Food Co have major plans to widen all areas of their product range so keep your eyes peeled because big things are coming. 

“We understand that having a nightly takeaway isn’t so much recommended by health experts, but sometimes that craving just doesn’t go away. Well, now our customers can enjoy those treats as many times in the week as they desire. What’s more, we wanted to make this new product range accessible to the same audience that The Skinny Food Co caters for. The Fake Away® range will give diabetic-friendly and gluten-free folk who can’t always enjoy a night in with an Indian, the opportunity to.”

We can’t wait for our new and returning customers to try our Fake Away® range, and we are confident that this new selection will be growing rapidly over the course of the next year or so. And we always have plenty more product releases in the pipeline so watch this space.

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