Ah, salted caramel. The ultimate combo of a mouthful of pure sweetness with a dash of salt. You wouldn’t think these two things work together, but the mix of sweet and salty is winning hearts (and stomachs) all around the world. Everyone's gone mad for salted caramel, so, well, we thought we’d go one step further and create a salted caramel syrup that’s 100% #NotGuilty.

Our snack in the spotlight right now is out tasty Salted Caramel Zero Calorie Syrup. Whether you’re topping your morning coffee with it or drizzling it over some fruit for a post-dinner treat to curb those cravings, one thing is for sure, it will leave you feeling satisfied minus the guilt.

Caramel is notorious for being high in sugar, after all, it is basically just pure sugar. So next time you treat yourself to a salted caramel covered brownie, why not save on some of that high sugar content and switch out your favourite topping for our sugar-free alternative.

Our guilt-free syrups

You’ll be pleased to hear that all of our guilt-free syrups contain zero calories, zero grams of fat AND zero grams of fat, so you can take your pick of our incredible favours and add some diversity to your snacks without topping up the calories.

Furthermore, all of our flavoured syrups are suitable for absolutely anybody, whether you’re slimming, gyming, bodybuilding, vegan or vegetarian, you can enjoy these guilt-free savours with the peace of mind that you aren’t harming a single animal or your waistline in the process. What’s not to love?

What does it taste like?

This sauce tastes like a mouthful of caramel sweetness, but without the heavy, sickeningly sweetness that a lot of salted caramel foods have. Because it contains zero calories, you get the sweetness but it’s not overbearing and the sauce is nice and light.

Syrup substitutions

Do you enjoy a Starbucks caramel latte or Frappuccino from time to time? You might be a little alarmed to hear that a star parks Frappuccino contains 11 grams of sugar per every 100ml. Imagine how many calories you could have on if you recreated this popular favourite at home? Check out our recipes here.

Or how about a drizzle of sweetness over your morning oats or afternoon fruit? You may not even realise how many calories and grams of sugar you are adding to your ‘healthy’ meal or snack when you do this. Thanks to our guilt-free syrups you can drizzle until your heart's content, enjoy the peace of mind that you won’t suffer from a sugar crash later in the day.

So, there is it. Everything you need to know about adding some guilt-free excitement to your daily diet minus the guilt. Head over to check out more flavours and snap up a bottle of our salted caramel goodness and be sure to like us on Facebook.

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