Global Recycling Day 2021

Global Recycling Day 2021 | theskinnyfoodco

Our products are environmentally friendly and sourced sustainably, putting the planet first.

Here at Skinny Food Co., our plastic packaging is fully recyclable and we always use pre-used resources for our packaging. Always check with your recycling centre before if you're unsure, but recycling is strongly encouraged! 

On the topic of Recycling, it has prompted us to think more consciously about the choices we make. We always try to make conscious decisions about the ingredients we chose to use and the products we chose to include on our website. Our sauces and syrups are 97% water and we also carefully consider what ingredients are used. The Skinny Food Co.'s Chocoholic Spread is Palm Oil Free. Palm Oil remains one of the largest factors of deforestation, so we're proud to produce products that don't contribute to this! 

If you would love to start promoting a sustainable and more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, then food can play a huge role in this. Flavour doesn't need to take a hit, and you can still enjoy some great tasting foods. You can support your own wellbeing, as well as the planets. Rather than wasting food, you can spice up your left overs with some of our amazing products; 

A great way to add flavour to any meal is using our Fakeaway sauces, why not try adding some Chinese Curry Sauce to some rice and refried vegetables, or add some noodles and swap the Chinese Curry Sauce for some delicious Sweet Chilli Sauce to create a healthy stir fry. Our spice collection are cupboard essentials, and sugar wise certified. Use your leftovers for a delicious curry, adding some Garam Masala or Curry Tikka seasoning for an extra flavour kick!

There are so many great ways to reduce waste and encourage recycling in your home, and if you wanted to make a change it is the best place to start! Why not transform your used jam jars as cute flower pots, or storage jars for your kitchen? If you have any great ideas on how to reuse our sauce bottles, we'd love to hear! 




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