Valentines Date Night Platter!

Valentines Date Night Platter! | theskinnyfoodco


Nothing says romance quite like strawberries and chocolate, so this year we decided to bring our favourite yummy snacks to your date night! Not only do these taste and look amazing, our choice of sweet snacks of course, still have our low sugar and low calorie trademark! 

We've collected our favourite snacks for this - including our best-selling Chocolate Snack pots that are now on sale for only 49p! These are 22g each, 13g of delicious Chocoholic Snack pots, and some breadsticks, perfect for dipping! There is only 102 calories, 1,5g of fat, 0.8g of carbs and 0.22g of protein - the perfect start! 

What better what to enjoy strawberries than dipped into our favourite chocoholic spreads! We've used Hazelnut and White spread for ours. Per 5g serving, these contain 23.2 calories, 1.7g of fat, 2.55g of carbs and 0.26g of protein. If chocolate isn't your go to, you could even use our Low Sugar Jams for an extra fruity addition!

We've added so many delicious snacks to our platter from our range, including our amazing Skinny Peanut Butter Cups with 89% less sugar than other brands, and are just 107 calories each! Our Skinny High Protein Bars have been flying off the shelves since we released them! Containing over 12g of protein, these are the perfect addition to any sweet platter. 

Of course, we couldn't create one of these without adding everyones favourite Chocolate Crispies! These make the perfect healthy snack whilst still getting your chocolate cravings, at less than 100 calories per pack, how can we say no? 

We now stock an incredible range of brands whose snacks we just had to include! Lexi's Crispy Treat Bars are the best rice treats, coated in gooey marshmallow and we now have them in 5 amazing flavours, at only 99 calories each! We also added our favourite Mallow and Marsh marshmallow bites, at only 23g of fat per 100g! If flapjacks are more your thing, there is some great ones to chose from! The Mountain Joe range is delicious, and have 11g of protein in, or you could try the Muscle Mousse BIG Protein Flapjack, which contain 15g of protein! 

For the last pop of colour, it wouldn't be a Skinny Food Co sweet platter without some low sugar Choco Drops at only 86 calories per tube! 








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