The Perfect Chocolate Cookie Dough Waffle for Valentines Day!

The Perfect Chocolate Cookie Dough Waffle for Valentines Day! | theskinnyfoodco

What better way to end your Valentine's Day than with a delicious combo of chocolate and cookie dough? This gorgeous treat is perfect for your date night, and in typical Skinny Food Co fashion uses Zero Calorie and low sugar products and can be enjoyed by everyone. We've used some of our best-selling chocolate products as well as a product from our bakery range - perfect for some at home baking! 

The Bubble Waffle Maker we have used to create this is available to buy straight from our website along with many more great kitchen appliances! It's so easy to use and creates perfect golden-brown waffles every time! 


 You will need: 

1/3 pack of SFC Edible Cookie Dough (made up to packet instructions)

100ml low calorie cookie dough ice cream

15g SFC Chocaholic Hazelnut Spread

20ml SFC Chocolate Flavor Syrup

5g chocolate chips 


How to make: 

1. Following the instructions on our SCF Edible Cookie Dough mix, make up 1/3 of the mixture for the base. 

2. Spray the Waffle Maker with Oil - we've used SFC Sunflower Oil Spray, at only 1 calorie per spray! Place the mixture into your waffle maker and cook for 2-3 minutes each side. 

3. Top with 100ml of the low calorie cookie dough ice cream and drizzle over  some of our favorite Chocoholic Hazelnut Spread.

4. For extra chocolatey goodness, we've also added 20ml SFC Chocolate Flavor Syrup and 5g of chocolate chips. 

You can enjoy all of this for only 481 calories, 62g of carbs, 21g of fat and 12g of protein - we can't get enough! If this wasn't amazing enough, we've compared this Cookie Dough dessert to another big brand restaurant - for their smallest cookie dough dessert, there is 614 calories, 85g of carbs, 26.8g of fat and only 7g of protein. Now, you can enjoy even more, for less calories and all from the comfort of your own home! 

Be sure to share and tag us in any of your delicious treats you create this valentines weekend! 



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