Strawberry Frumpet Stack

Strawberry Frumpet Stack | theskinnyfoodco

Strawberry Frumpet Stack 

Crumpets no longer need to be plain, or enjoyed with only butter, have you thought about giving them an extra sweet twist? There are so many delicious ways to enjoy a crumpet, and this recipe is one of the best - topped with juicy strawberries and our amazing Zero Calorie Golden Syrup, this is sure to go down well with the family this Saturday morning! 

By swapping out your usual tin of Golden Syrup, you could consume 0g per 100g of sugar, compared to 80.5g of sugar. Our syrup is completely sugar free, so it's suitable for everyone, including diabetics, children and those with food intolerances! For more sugar savvy swaps, click here! 

You will need: 

(Serves 1)

2 crumpets

1 medium egg

50ml milk of your choice

100g strawberries

20ml SFC Golden Syrup 

How to make: 

1. Whisk 1 medium egg with 50ml of milk into a bowl. Once this has been whisked, dip your 2 crumpets into the bowl, ensuring both sides are covered in the eggy mixture.

2. Fry these over a medium heat until they are slightly crispy. 

3. Whilst the crumpets are warming, chop 100g of strawberries into small chunks, just like the picture below, and mash these slightly with a fork to create a jam-like mixture. 

4. Stack the crumpets on top of each other, sharing out the strawberry mixture in between each crumpet, and on top.

5. Top with 20ml of our Skinny Food Co Golden Syrup and enjoy! 

Calories & macros:

For one serving there is; 

300 calories

44g carbs

6g fat




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