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Rocky Road: Skinny Edition

Rocky Road: Skinny Edition - theskinnyfoodco

Rocky Road: Skinny Edition! 

Here at Skinny Food Co we make it our mission to provide low sugar versions of your favourite treats! We love to give you recipes that everyone can enjoy, that are diabetic friendly, or gluten free, or suitable for any diet, and this brand new recipe is nothing short of this! Our Low Sugar Rocky Road's are absolutely delicious that you'd never guess they had much lower sugar than other recipes! We've used our Zero Calorie Golden Syrup and Low Sugar Chocaholic Hazelnut Spread to create these incredible treats! 

 Makes 9 pieces

You will need:

100g light digestive biscuits

50g mini pink & white marshmallows

200g Skinny Food Co Chocaholic Hazelnut Spread

50ml Skinny Food Co Golden Syrup

15g hundreds & thousands 

How to make: 

1. Add 100g of light digestive biscuits to an air tight bag and smash these up! 

2. Pour your biscuit crumbs into a large mixing bowl with 30g of mini pink and white marshmallows and mix in 50ml of Skinny Food Co Golden Syrup. 

3. Melt 200g of Skinny Food Co Chocaholic Hazelnut Spread in the microwave for ten second intervals to soften it up before pouring into mixing bowl. 

4. Line a deep baking tray with grease-proof paper and pour in the mixture. Pat this down and add the remaining marshmallows on top, sprinkling over 15g of hundreds and thousands too! 

5. Allow to set in the fridge for a couple of hours before slicing into 9 heavenly squares! 

Calories & macros per piece:

For one of these tasty treats there are 184 calories,  25g of carbs, 10g of fat and 1g of protein. 



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