How To: Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap

How To: Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap | theskinnyfoodco

With our Virtually Zero Calorie Sweet Chilli Sauce being one of our best sellers, we thought we'd hop on here and our YouTube channel to give you a little inspiration for a speedy chilli chicken wrap recipe. You will need the following:

-1 chicken breast
-A generous amount of our Sweet Chilli Sauce
-A handful of chopped red onion
-A handful of chopped yellow pepper
-A handful of chopped spring onion
-One chopped red chilli
-A pinch of coriander
-A serving spoon of peanuts


-Chop the chicken into chunks, before slathering on our Virtually Zero Calorie Sweet Chilli Skinny Sauce until well-coated.
-Throw into a frying pan and fry until cooked through.
-Add all of your veggies onto a wrap, as well as the coriander & peanuts. Then, add the sweet chilli chicken before drizzling on some more Virtually Zero Calorie Sweet Chilli Sauce.
-Wrap all of the contents together and then serve with EVEN MORE Zero Calorie Sweet Chilli Sauce.

Our Virtually Zero Calorie Sweet Chilli Sauce is what makes this dish extra fragrant and tasty. With its tang and little kick, this sauce will have your taste buds tantalised.

To find our other low calorie sauces, head over to our website or to see this recipe in action, check out our YouTube video below where MasterChef's Chris Hale cooks us up this delightful wrap. Don't forget to subscribe!



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