Cookies & Cream Pastry Pin Wheels

Cookies & Cream Pastry Pin Wheels | theskinnyfoodco

Cookies & Cream Pastry Pin Wheels

Ready to eat in less than half an hour, these easy pin wheels are the perfect afternoon snack, great as a dessert and perfect to pair with a cup of coffee! At less than 100 calories per wheel, this low sugar, low calorie treat is great for anyone needing their sweet fix without wanting to add any unnecessary  sugar or calories. 

(Makes 16)



1 sheet light puff pastry 

90g light cream cheese

50ml SFC Cookies & Cream Syrup

6 Oreo cookies

How to make:

1. Start by adding 50ml of our Skinny Food Co.'s Zero Calorie Cookies & Cream Syrup to a mixing bowl with 90g of light cream cheese. 

2. Mix this together and separate the 6 Oreos, scraping the middle cream section into the bowl too.

3. Take the remaining biscuits, add to a sealed bag and crush into a fine crumb. 

4. Roll out the sheet of light puff pastry and add the cream cheese mixture. Spread an even layer of this and dust over the crumbed Oreo biscuit. 

5. Roll this up vertically, and slice into 16 even slices. 

6. Cook at 180 degrees for 25 minutes.

7. Allow to cool, or serve them warm with a cup of delicious coffee! 

Our Cookies & Cream syrup is zero calorie, so you can enjoy this amazing syrup with anything, without having to worry about adding any calories to a dessert. Of course, the syrup is fat free, sugar free, vegan and diabetic friendly, meaning the whole family can now enjoy some delicious pastry pin wheels! 

At only 91 calories per wheel, these are the perfect low calorie treat. They also contain 11g of carbs, 4.5g of fat and 1.5g of protein. 


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