How To Make The Ultimate Gingerbread Latte At Home

Gingerbread lattes are often associated with Christmas, but who says that those little mugs of deliciousness should be limited to just the month of December?! Personally, we’re a fan of gingerbread treats all year round. We’ve come up with the ultimate guide so you can skip the trip to your local coffee shop and enjoy a super indulgent gingerbread latte without evening leaving the comfort of your own home.

Before we get started, we’re going to hit you with some cold, hard facts about your favourite gingerbread lattes on the current market today.

 Nescafe golds sachets of their limited edition gingerbread latte contain 10.6 grams of sugar, which is 12% of the daily recommended intake, a Starbucks version of the popular festive drink contains an astonishing 68.7 grams of sugar with costa’s adaptation not far behind. Don’t panic, although the sugar content in this super sweet treat is high, you’re in luck because we’re on hand with a totally tasty, guilt-free recipe for you to whip up yourself. 

Gingerbread latte recipe


200ml of skimmed milk or dairy-free alternative

100ml of boiling water

2 teaspoons of our #NotGuilty gingerbread skinny syrup

1 teaspoon of instant coffee

1 mini gingerbread man

Cinnamon powder

Light/low-fat aerosol cream

For a really indulgent treat add in a scoop of low-calorie, white hot chocolate drinking chocolate.


Heat the milk for 30 seconds in the microwave and set aside. Mix the 2 teaspoons of #NotGuilty gingerbread skinny syrup and instant coffee with the boiling water before pouring in the warm milk and giving it a good stir. Top with a squirt of aerosol cream, a drizzle of our #NotGuilty gingerbread syrup, a sprinkle of cinnamon for a little extra flavour, and a mini gingerbread man for a final little touch. 

So, there it is, our super indulgent, super simple gingerbread latte recipe tasty enough to rival your favourite, sugar-filled versions minus the guilt. Just in case you didn’t know, all of our #NotGuilty syrups are sugar-free, fat-free and calorie-free so you can rest assured they are a welcomed addition to any diet. We’re not done yet, they’re also vegetarian and vegan, so no matter your diet preferences and lifestyle goals, you can treat yourself to this scrumptious treat any day of the year. 

Our versatile syrups can be added to almost any hot or cold drink to create a totally tasty, totally guilt-free adaptation of your favourites. Take your pick from the trusty hot chocolate, a white chocolate latte or even a mince pie creation thanks to our extensive range of skinny syrups on offer. 

If you whip out one of these tasty creations, we want to see it. Simply share on social media using the #NotGuilty or tag us in your photos on Facebook or Instagram so we can cast our eyes on your low sugar creations. Here’s to the same great tastes, minus the unnecessary calories no matter the time of year! Stay tuned for plenty more tasty recipes coming your way soon!


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