Here Are Five Ways You Can Use Our Skinny Syrups

If you’ve been reading our snack in the spotlight articles on all of our delicious skinny syrups, you’ve probably already tried your hand at a number of our delicious recipes with the added treat of our #NotGuilty skinny syrups.


But, if you’re yet to discover our versatile scrumptious syrups, we’re here to educate you on five different ways you can incorporate our sugar-free, calorie-free and fat-free bottles of goodness into your daily diet. What’s more, they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, no matter if you’re bulking or trimming down, our syrups are a welcomed addition to ANY diet.


  1. Add them to your hot drinks, smoothies and shakes

Our syrups can be served hot or cold making them the perfect addition to almost any drink. Whether you’re whizzing up a smoothie, treating yourself to an indulgent shake or adding a splash of flavour to your morning coffee, our syrups make for a more exciting drink without piling unnecessary calories or sugar into your daily intake. Not sure where to start? Try out our recipes for 5 festive drinks.


  1. Switch out maple syrup and sugary toppings on your pancakes

If you enjoy a delicious stack of golden-brown pancakes for breakfast or even as an afternoon treat, adding lashings of maple syrup, honey, sugary toppings or sauces can add a whole lot of calories and sugar to your meal. Cook up a stack of delicious, low sugar pancakes using our mix before topping them with handfuls of your favourite fruit and drizzles of our #NotGuilty skinny syrup for the perfect pick me up minus the excessive sugar.


  1. Jazz up your oats and yoghurts

If you enjoy oats and yoghurt with fruit for breakfast or as a snack, you can add a little be of diversity to your snack thanks to our #NotGuilty skinny syrups. Enjoy lashings of the many flavours on offer for a guilt-free addition.


  1. Curb the calories, fat and sugar content and switch out sugary syrups in recipes with our #NotGuilty solution


A number of recipes of your favourite sweet treats are likely culprits for extremely high sugar content, not to mention fat and calories. Stock up on our #NotGuilty skinny syrups and trade out ingredients such as maple, chocolate and strawberry syrups with our fat-free, calorie-free and sugar-free options instead. You’ll be able to enjoy the same great taste as you cut out some of the unnecessary calories in your favourite indulgent recipes. Surely it’s a no brainer?


  1. Enjoy them in their simplest form


Our #NotGuilty skinny syrups don’t require all the song and dance of fancy recipes for you to enjoy their scrumptious taste. If you’re not feeling too adventurous in the kitchen, simply serve up our syrups as dipping sauces for fruit or sweet treats for the perfect guilt-free DIY fondue.


Got another creative way of using our delicious #NotGuilty syrups? Let us see what you’ve come up with on our Facebook page or post on your social media using the #NotGuilty so we can enjoy a sneak peek at your creations! 



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