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What I Eat in a Day: Keto Diet with Carla

What I Eat in a Day: Keto Diet with Carla - theskinnyfoodco

What I Eat in a Day: Keto Diet with Carla

A life without many carbs may seem frightening - no pasta or potatoes! So we've enlisted the help of some of our amazing customers to share what they eat on a Keto diet - providing you with some delicious inspiration for mealtimes along the way.

Keto Carla Blog with syrup

This is Carla - she's lost 7 stone since starting a low carb keto diet in July last year! Her Instagram - @mrsfgoesketo is full of amazing keto meals, so many of which you can try for yourself, so definitely check it out!

Keto Breakfast 

Carla starts the day with a black coffee with our Zero Calorie Gingerbread Syrup. Our Gingerbread syrup, with hints of spice is a great way to start the day - especially on a keto diet.

Our 425ml Syrups are so versatile and we have over 20 delicious flavours for you to try! You can use them in so much more than your coffee, but we have to say - they quickly turn a plain coffee into a treat for your taste buds.

Don't forget, our 1 Litre Barista Syrups are also available on our website! 

Keto Lunch

Keto lunch hot dogs


Sausages filled with cheese, red onion, mustard and Virtually Zero Tomato Ketchup Skinny Sauce was served for lunch.

Cheese could be seen as an essential part of a keto diet (even vegan cheese too!) - cheddar cheese for example, is high in protein and low in carbs, and is the perfect addition to these sausages.

Our Skinny Tomato Ketchup is the best switch to make if you're new to our products. It's gluten free and has no added sugar, and less than 1g of carbs per serving, so it's the perfect addition to all of your BBQ's this summer if you're following a keto diet!

Using our sauces and syrups as alternatives to other brands in the market is a perfect way to still enjoy your favourite flavours, without the worry of adding excessive carbs, or sugar! If you want to learn more about our Tomato Ketchup compared to the other brands, you can read all about it in our How Does Our Ketchup Compare?

Keto Dinner

keto spaghetti broccoli cheese pasta


For dinner, Carla had a Chicken Pesto Alfredo with chilli broccoli, swoodles and Parmesan. 

High carbohydrate foods like, pasta are often the main component to many meals, but being on a Keto diet, the carb level is too high. Don't fear - there are so many low carb alternatives, and even better low calorie and low sugar options too!

Instead of using pasta, you can swap to courgettes, all you need is a spiraliser or a vegetable peeler and you can make courgetti! Other root vegetables, like a butternut squash is also a great alternative to a bowl of high carb spaghetti - and is packed full of more flavour too! Of course, if you fancied a Skinny Food Co version, swap the Parmesan for our Vegan Shaker

Look out for some delicious Keto recipes in the next few days too, over on our Instagram and recipe blogs!


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