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Tasty Work Lunches To Save Money And Time

Tasty Work Lunches To Save Money And Time - theskinnyfoodco

Quick and Easy Work Meal Preps

Make your colleagues jealous with our delicious lunch inspo perfect for the office and workplace.

What are the benefits of meal prepping for work?

  • If you plan your meals in advance for the week, it will save you a bunch of time in the week

  • Planning your meals for the week will also save you money, as you won't be as tempted to eat lunch out. An occasional Maccies here and there, maybe a Meal Deal? Eventually, it all racks up and you end up spending money when it's not really necessary.

  • Meal prepping can also help if you're looking to eat healthier, as having pre-prepared meals on hand can reduce portion size and can help you reach nutritional and fitness goals

Read our How To: Meal Prep blog for more information on Meal Prepping. 

1. Coffee Barista Shots

If you're an on-the-go commuter, a busy parent or simply enjoy adding delicious flavours to your coffee, then look no further.

Our 60ml coffee syrup shots are the perfect product for you. With 30 servings per bottle, you can enjoy one of our bestselling syrups, throughout the entire day

Available in Hazelnut Praline, French Vanilla or Salted Caramel flavours.

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Barista Coffee Shots

2. Skinny Food Co Snack Range

Our Healthy Snack Collection has something for everyone - ranging from:

  • Low Sugar Chocaholic Malt Balls
  • Low Sugar Chocaholic Drops
  • Protein Bars
  • Peanut Butter Cups
  • Low Sugar Chocolate Snack Pots
  • and much more!

Shop today for perfectly healthy, delicious and on the go snacking options.


3. Peri Peri Chicken Rice Bowl

Spice up your rice bowl with our low sugar Peri Peri Fakeaway Sauce!

A healthy dish which can be enjoyed anytime - anywhere, including the office. Select your choice of rice, protein and veggies and drizzle our delicious Peri Peri sauce on top for the perfect rice bowl.


Peri Peri Rice stir fry

4. Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap

With tons of flavour, juicy salad and succulent chicken, all these wraps needed was a delicious serving of our Virtually Zero Sweet Chilli Sauce! These would be perfect for a packed lunch or an easy dinner for the whole family. 

Our Virtually Zero Sweet Chilli Sauce has just the right level of spicy kick, this tangy sauce will sure be a firm favourite. Of course, it tastes great in more than wraps - a great dipping sauce, stirred into a creamy pasta sauce, or even on top of a cheesy toastie!

View the recipe.


sweet chili chicken wraps

5. Veggie Tacos

Our Virtually Zero South West Sauce is a delicious Smokey Mexican Flavoured addition to our collection - perfect for a Veggie Taco!

With hints of mustard and lime, this sauce is packed full of flavour, and is the best way to spice up your Mexican dinners. Like all of our sauces, it's sugar free, super low in calories and suitable for any dietary requirements as it's dairy and gluten free! 

View the recipe.


veggie south west tacos

6. Bacon, Asparagus and Pea Pasta

Served hot or cold, this pasta is the perfect dish for everyone to enjoy.

This light dish is packed full of green veg, delicious crispy bacon and of course, our Sugar Free Fakeaway Kebab Sauce. The dairy-free sauce is the perfect combination of yoghurt and mint - but even tastier than high calorie versions!

Perfect for lunch time, this dish is super easy to make at home and can be taken into the office.

View the recipe.


bacon garlic asparagus pasta

7. Berry Overnight Oats

Using our sugar free Porridge Oats and low sugar Strawberry Jam - you can create the ultimate Berry Overnight Oats.

Simply make the porridge oats the night before, the morning after loosen with a little more water if needed. Top with our Strawberry Jam and fresh berries and you're good to go!


zero calorie oat pots

Need some additional help on how to eat better at work? Check out our How to Eat Healthier at Work blog for tips and guidance. 

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