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Easy Keto Breakfast Ideas You'll Love

Easy Keto Breakfast Ideas You'll Love - theskinnyfoodco

Keto Breakfast Meals

Are you a Keto Beginner feeling a little lost? Or just looking to introduce some new and exciting Breakfast Ideas into your Keto Diet? Well look no further, we've got you covered.

Incorporating our Keto Friendly, Low Sugar and Low Calorie Skinny products, we have narrowed down 10 delicious Keto Breakfast Ideas for you to enjoy - you're welcome.


1. Breakfast Smoothie

Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are lower in carbs than other fruits, making them better choices for the keto diet!

Mix and match frozen berries to create a fruity and keto friendly breakfast smoothie - add almond milk, ice and blend all together. Simple and delicious!

strawberry keto smoothie

2. Spinach, Mushrooms, Tomato, Avocado and Scrambled Egg

A deliciously simple keto breakfast idea!

Slice creamy avocado and pair with spinach leaves, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, and some scrambled egg. Either add spring onion or chilli for an extra kick.

Suitable for vegetarians, make it vegan by swapping egg with scrambled tofu. 

keto breakfast

3. On the go: SFC KetoKeto & Adonis bar

The Skinny Food Co have a wide variety of keto friendly snacks, some perfect for your quick breakfast fix.

KetoKeto 50g Bar

With only 3g net carbs in every bar and formulated to reduce blood sugar impact. These bars are perfect for an on to go breakfast snack - they're high in fat and great for your keto diet.

The sugar alcohols used in KetoKeto have little impact on blood sugar and insulin. This is why our net impact carbs are so low and perfect for Keto!

They're delicious, satisfying, 100% Vegan and available in 3 tasty flavours.

Shop the product.


Adonis Keto Bar

Adonis Keto Bar fuels long lasting energy from the best sourced, 100% natural ingredients. Not only that, Adonis bars are plant based and less than 5% sugar… what’s not to like? Available in 5 delicious flavours. 

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Adonis Keto Bars

4. Veggie or Meaty Omelettes

A classic addition to your breakfast routine - omelettes are super easy, delicious and perfect if you're following a keto diet.

Simply crack a couple eggs into a large jug or bowl and beat your eggs thoroughly.

Once your mixture is prepared, heat some extra virgin olive oil or butter in a pan and pour the eggs once hot enough. Let the mixture cook for around 20-30 seconds and scrape a line through the middle with a spatula. Continue to tilt the pan to allow the space to fill up with runny egg - repeat this step until the egg has set. 

Begin to add your filling. Popular keto omelette fillings are cheese (or vegan cheese), sautéed mushrooms, spinach, ham, chorizo or even smoked salmon. Go wild!

Don't let your omelette be lonely, why not pair with our Keto Friendly Low Sugar Sauces in our Keto Range.



5. Breakfast Salad

Get creative with a vibrant salad that is 100% keto friendly.

Combine spinach leaves, baby leaf, tomato, avocado and top with a runny egg. For all you carnivores, why not add a bit of crispy bacon?

Spice up your salad with our Keto Friendly Low Sugar Sauces in our Keto Range.

breakfast salad


6. Greek Yoghurt with Berries and Jam

A super healthy breakfast to kick start your day!

Top full fat Greek yoghurt with juicy strawberries and raspberries - pair with our delicious Keto Friendly Strawberry Jam which has less sugar, calories and total carbs compared to other jams. 

Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are lower in carbs than other fruits, making them better choices for the keto diet!

yoghurt with strawberries and raspberries

7. Bacon and Eggs

Simple, yet effective. No one can go wrong with your classic eggs and bacon in the morning. 

Don't leave your bacon and eggs hanging, introduce some of our Keto Friendly Low Sugar Ketchup to your classic breakfast.

bacon and eggs


8. Naked Eggs Royale

By this point, you're probably missing some soft and doughy bread whilst on your keto diet. We get it - but don't worry, you don't have to eliminate your favourite breakfast meal just yet. Introducing: Naked Eggs Royale.

Eggs Royale but without the carbs. Combine spinach, smoked salmon, poached eggs and drizzle our Keto Friendly Low Sugar Hollandaise Sauce. Swap the smoked salmon with ham to make Naked Eggs Benedict. 

eggs royale


9. Breakfast Baked Eggs with Chill and Spinach

Another low carb and Keto friendly recipe. Our Baked Eggs would make the perfect start to the day. Packed full of greens, a juicy tomato base and topped with eggs - we have a feeling this recipe might become a regular.

View the full recipe.

egg and spinach bake with tomatoes


10. Eggs with Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus Dippers

It's important to be creative on your keto diet, as you're going to have to say goodbye to high-carb foods such as rice, pasta and bread. But don't worry, we've come up with the perfect solution!

Replace bread with prosciutto wrapped asparagus dippers to dip in your runny boiled or fried eggs - you're welcome.

 prosciutto wrapped asparagus with eggs


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