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How Does Our Edible Cookie Dough Compare?

How Does Our Edible Cookie Dough Compare? - theskinnyfoodco

How Does Our Edible Cookie Dough Compare?

In the spotlight: The Skinny Food Co Edible Cookie Dough!

Our Edible Cookie Dough Mix is only 96 calories per piece and a great source of protein and fibre.

Using only 100% natural flavours and colours and zero palm oil you are sure to be in for a treat with these delicious low sugar Cookies Pieces.

Why is our Edible Cookie Dough better than the rest?

  • Low Calorie (96 calories per piece)
  • Low Sugar (0.1g sugar per piece)
  • Source of Protein (3.5g protein per piece)
  • High Fibre (4.7g fibre per piece)
  • 100% Natural Flavours & Colours
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Soy Free
  • Vegetarian Friendly

Simple food swaps with The Skinny Food Co can dramatically decrease your sugar and calorie intake, leading to a healthier diet without compromising on great taste.

Introducing food alternatives and healthier substitutes is super easy, and we love to use our platform to educate people on these easy product swaps!

Here, we explore how our Edible Cookie Dough compares to other popular brands and inspiration on how to incorporate our cookie dough into your home baking recipes.

The Skinny Food Co Edible Cookie Dough VS Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough Bites

So, how does our Edible Cookie Dough compare to other popular brands?

Let's use Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough Chunks as an example. Ben and Jerry's contain a whopping amount of sugar - 40g to be exact, in comparison to our Cookie Dough with only 0.7g of sugar.

Let's get down to the calorie content. Ben and Jerry's version of edible cookie dough contains 423 calories whereas The Skinny Food Co's version of edible cookie dough contains 323 - that's 100 less calories per serving!

How to Use

1. Melt 25ml of coconut oil and allow to cool (approximately 4 minutes)

2. Add the whole Skinny Food Co Edible Cookie Dough Mix, 25ml of coconut oil and 45ml of water to a bowl.

3. Mix the ingredients together until blended into a dough.

4. Store in the fridge

Recipe Inspiration

1. Chocolate Cookie Dough Waffle

This gorgeous treat is perfect for your date night, and in typical Skinny Food Co fashion uses Zero Calorie and low sugar products and can be enjoyed by everyone. We've used some of our best-selling chocolate products as well as a product from our bakery range - perfect for some at home baking! 

The Bubble Waffle Maker we have used to create this is available to buy straight from our website along with many more great kitchen appliances! It's so easy to use and creates perfect golden-brown waffles every time.

View the recipe.

2. Peanut Butter Cookie Chocolate Cups

We've taken peanut butter cups to the next level and added in a third layer of cookie dough goodness!

Using our Edible Cookie Dough Mix and 100% Pure Peanut Butter - you are not going to want to miss out on these.

View the recipe.

3. Triple Cookies Brownie Slice

Triple the cookie - triple the flavour.

Using our Chocolate Chip Cookie, Brownie and Edible Cookie Dough Bakery Mixes, you're in for a real treat. 



1. Follow the instructions for our Edible Cookie Dough mix - once made, add this to a lined square baking tray and leave in the fridge till it is set. 

2. Then, follow the instructions to our Chocolate Brownie mix - once this has been made, add the mix on top of the set cookie dough. Cook this for 15 minutes at 170 degrees. 

3. Allow this to cool and prepare another mix of the Edible Cookie Dough. 

4. Drizzle our Skinny Food Co Chocoholic spread on top of the brownie once cooled. 

5. Crumble the new batch of Cookie Dough on top of this and allow to cool. 

This can then be served into 9 square pieces and are only 196 calories per square! They also contain 24.1g of carbs, 8.2g of fat and 6.4g of protein. 


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