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High Protein Recipes You Need in Your Life

High Protein Recipes You Need in Your Life - theskinnyfoodco

High Protein Recipes You Need in Your Life

Satisfy your sweet tooth with The Skinny Food Co recipes!

We have created 3 delicious sweet treats which are high in protein, low sugar, low calorie and absolutely delicious.

Our recipes include some familiar brands ... can you see which ones?

1. High Protein Biscoff Cheesecake

This Biscoff Cheesecake is utterly delicious and contains a good 17g of protein! It's the perfect dessert if you are wanting to help hit your protein goals for the day but still enjoy something sweet.

We flavour the cheesecake base with our incredible sugar free Salted Caramel & Vanilla Barista Syrup which gives the perfect amount of sweetness!

View the recipe.

2. Chocolate Protein Truffles

We think these might be the most delicious truffles we've ever made!

They're rich & chocolatey and taste incredible, plus they go towards your protein goals! We use our Maltesers Whey Protein Powder for added protein & flavour & sweeten them with our delicious sugar free French Vanilla Barista Syrup

View the recipe.

3. Chocolate Orange Protein Bars

These delicious Protein Bars are rich in chocolate with a zesty punch of orange and have 9g of protein in each piece!

Full of oats and chocolate chunks, they make a delicious protein snack and are really easy to make. Just combine all the ingredients and leave to set! We drizzled ours with our famous Chocaholic Chocolate Orange Spread.

View the recipe.



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