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5 Creative Ways To Use Our Dairy Free Creamers

5 Creative Ways To Use Our Dairy Free Creamers - theskinnyfoodco

5 Creative Ways To Use Our Dairy Free Creamers

Who would have thought our Skinny Food Co Creamers could be so versatile?

Whether you're in the mood for a coffee, some porridge oats or even sugary tortilla chips - the sky's the limit with our deliciously creamy, low calorie, sugar free and vegan friendly Creamers available in multiple tasty flavours.

Here we delve into different ways you can use our Creamers and other products from our sugar free, low calorie and allergen friendly Barista Collection.

1. Bueno Iced Coffee

It doesn't get much better than this! Our tasty Bueno Iced Coffee tastes just like the real deal whilst also being low in calories and sugar free - what's not to love?


5g Skinny Food Co Chocaholic Hazelnut Spread

10ml Skinny Food Co White Chocolate Barista Syrup

10ml Skinny Food Co Hazelnut Praline Barista Syrup

250ml almond milk

20ml Skinny Food Co Chocolate Mocha Creamer

1 shot of coffee

Handful of ice

12.5g light squirty cream

1/4 of a bar of Kinder Bueno

2g cocoa powder to dust


1. Drizzle our Low Sugar Hazelnut Chocaholic Spread into a glass. 

2. Add 10ml of our Skinny Food Co White Chocolate Barista Syrup and 10ml of our Skinny Food Co Hazelnut Praline Barista Syrup. Pour in 250ml of milk of your choice - we've chosen almond. 

3. Add 20ml of our Skinny Food Co Chocolate Mocha Creamer and 1 shot of coffee, before mixing well. 

4. Add a handful of ice and top with light squirted cream. To top this off, use half of one bar of Kinder Bueno White Chocolate and dust with cocoa powder. 


2. Lemon and Blueberry French Toast

This delicious French toast creation is flavoured with fresh lemon juice and topped with a delicate lemon cream using our dairy free, virtually zero calories Original Creamer. Pair this with fresh blueberries & our incredible zero calorie, zero sugar Blueberry Syrup and you have the perfect healthier breakfast to set you up for the day!

View the recipe.


3. Strawberry Shortcake Croissant Pudding

We're sure you're going to love this one - it's fruity, sweet and crunchy. Made using our Low Sugar Strawberry Jam and Vanilla Non-Dairy Creamer, we've even managed to keep the sugar and calories low, so you can enjoy this guilt free treat! 

View the recipe.


4. Vegan Cinnamon Roll

We don't know about you, but you just can't beat the smell of a freshly baked cinnamon roll from the bakery - so we decided to recreate it in the Skinny Food Co Kitchen but make it super easy to do and go one better and make it vegan too! We've swapped the milk for our delicious vegan Vanilla Creamer and used dairy free yogurt. What's even better is that you can make this cinnamon roll in one mug and in your microwave - buzzing!

View the recipe.


5. Vegan Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips with Chocolate Dip

If you love traditional churros then you are going to love these sweet tortilla chips! Dusted in cinnamon sugar, we pair them with the most incredible toffee dip using our dairy free Caramel Creamer and 92% less sugar Toffee Chocaholic Spread. Add strawberries and other fresh fruit and you have yourself the perfect sharing dessert with family and friends!

View the recipe.


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