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Diabetes Week 2021

Diabetes Week 2021 - theskinnyfoodco

The Diabetic Diet: How can Skinny Food Co products be included? 


As a type 1 diabetic, drinking sugary drinks and fruit juices is advised against, as they can raise blood glucose levels up super high, very quickly. As an alternative, drinking water,  sugar-free and diet versions of our favourite drinks is encouraged. Here at Skinny Food Co, we want to create products suitable for all - instead of sugary drinks, why not try creating a delicious fruity mocktail using our Skinny Flavour Drops, our Raspberry Burst or Blue Raspberry flavours would be amazing poured over some crushed ice for a cool slushie in the heat! We also have some delicious third party brands on our website that would quench the thirst, the Get More Vits range has 9 delicious soft drink flavours, in either fizzy or flavoured water allowing you to enjoy fruity juice! 


For a Type 1 Diabetic diet, it's important to remember one portion of carbohydrate - try wholegrain rice! For breakfast, you could enjoy a delicious bowl of yoghurt or porridge, mixed with our Zero Calorie Skinny Syrups like Raspberry Ripple if you wanted a fruity flavour with your breakfast. For all you chocoholics out there, our Chocolate Orange Zero Calorie syrup would be delicious!

Lunches and dinners can be made just as tasty too - our Virtually Zero Sweet Chilli Mayo would be the perfect pairing for spicy chicken, or why not try our  Virtually Zero Burger Relish - this would make a delicious addition to your BBQs this summer. 


Eating with Type 2 Diabetes doesn't mean there is set diet - whilst its encouraged to cut out or reduce sugar intake, the advice is 'to make healthier choices more often' - here at Skinny Food Co we aim to provide healthy alternatives to day to day household favourites. To shop our complete diabetic friendly section, you can click here. 

From low sugar Chocaholic Spreads and jams, to Zero Sugar Sauces and Syrups our products are suitable for anyone. The Skinny Food Co was fuelled by seeing diabetic family members unable to enjoy the usual sugar-fuelled treats so we created our own versions! With nearly 300 products on our shelves, having specific dietary requirements no longer means missing out on your favourites! 


Developing and bringing products to market that are often high in sugar, that can now be enjoyed by family members was a key driver for myself when founding The Skinny Food CO. - Wayne Starkey, Co-Founder of The Skinny Food Co. 


Jasmine, known on Instagram as @thetypethat_ has a page dedicated to living with diabetes, self-love and education. So, if you want to learn more, or if you're looking to join a like-minded community, then give her a follow! 

Her fave Skinny Food Co product was the Chocaholic Toffee Spread and Strawberry Jam


For any further information regarding diabetes, we would recommend checking out 

Don't forget to check out our recipe section too! We have tons of delicious recipes suitable for a diabetic diet, and suitable for the whole family to enjoy together!





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