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5 Delicious Recipes Using Our Sugar Free Syrups

5 Delicious Recipes Using Our Sugar Free Syrups - theskinnyfoodco

Sugar Free Syrup Recipes

In need of some recipe inspo? We've got you covered.

Using our Sugar Free Syrup Range, we have provided 5 delicious and irresistibly healthy recipes perfect as a dessert, for breakfast and for sharing (if you're feeling generous). 

1. Banoffee Pie Syrup

For all you Toffee and Banana lovers out there - we have the perfect recipe for you!

With the delicious combination of bananas and smooth toffee, it's no surprise that a Banoffee Pie is a popular dessert. Now you can enjoy the exact same taste on all your sweet treats with our sugar free Banoffee Pie Syrup.

Drizzle The Skinny Food Co Banoffee Pie Syrup over some stacked meringue, chopped bananas and sprinkle with biscuit for the extra crunch.

banoffee pie syrup

2. Sticky Mint Choc Chip Muffins

With our low sugar Double Chocolate Chip Muffin mix and Chocolate Mint Syrup, you can finally enjoy a healthier treat using The Skinny Food Co.

Both our Muffin Mix and chocolate Mint Syrup are low sugar/sugar free, low calorie and super easy to make at home - what's not to love?

mint chocolate cup muffins

3. Chocolate Cookie Dough Waffle

This gorgeous treat is perfect for your date night, and in typical Skinny Food Co fashion uses Zero Calorie and low sugar products and can be enjoyed by everyone. We've used some of our best-selling chocolate products as well as a product from our bakery range - perfect for some at home baking! 

The Bubble Waffle Maker we have used to create this is available to buy straight from our website along with many more great kitchen appliances! It's so easy to use and creates perfect golden-brown waffles every time.

View the recipe.

chocolate cookie dough waffle

4. Maple Syrup Yogurt Bowl

A simple, delicious and healthy breakfast incorporating our zero calorie and sugar free Maple Syrup.

Dress up your yogurt bowl using fruits of your choice and drizzling our Maple Syrup over the top - enjoy!


5. Raspberry Ripple Cheesecakes

Our Raspberry Ripple Syrup is perfect for pouring over your desserts without adding a single calorie!

With a hint of smooth vanilla, this sweet raspberry syrup creates the perfect flavour for this cheesecake.

View the recipe.

raspberry ripple cheesecakes


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