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Rejuven8 Shaker

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Rejuven8 Shaker

We've provided the Collagen Powder and now we're providing a shaker to enjoy it from. The Shakers are in the Rejuven8 colours of Pink and White with our Rejuven8 logo and the all-important Metal Ball - The Mixer balls are designed to agitate and disturb liquid to encourage the powdered particles to mix and disperse as quickly as possible. The coiled spring allows enough liquid to pass through it while at the same time breaking down stubborn clumps of protein.

How to use a protein shaker? 

Using the shaker is an easy way to mix up your Rejuven8 Collagen. All you need is a shaker bottle, some water, and your Skinny Whey. Simply add the powder to the shaker bottle, fill it with water, and shake vigorously for 30 seconds or until the powder has dissolved completely. Once mixed, drink immediately, or the best thing about protein shakers is they're easily transportable and fit nicely in any bag on the go.


** Attention  **

 Please be aware our shakers are not suitable for dishwashers and do not use boiling water, these products are made for cold/cool liquids only. 

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