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Christmas Coffee Hampers

Christmas Coffee Hampers - theskinnyfoodco

Christmas is coming! Which means it's the season of gift-giving. With all the festivities around the corner, we thought we'd share some expert times on making the perfect coffee hampers, whether that's to enjoy the finest coffee at home or to give the perfect coffee gift this year. We've put together a list of things to think about when creating your very own festive coffee hampers. We hope these ideas inspire you to come up with something special for your loved ones.

1. Coffee Beans 

ground coffee and coffee beans

Coffee is a staple at Christmas time, but choosing the right kind can really set your hamper apart. There are lots of different options out there, but one of the first decisions you'll make is what type of coffee to include. 

Firstly, let's take a look at the best Coffee beans to impress coffee connoisseurs this holiday season. 

If you're looking to impress your friends & family, go for a single-origin bean. These are usually handpicked from specific regions of the world, and the flavour profiles vary greatly depending on where they were grown. 

Arabica Coffee Beans 

Arabica beans are among the most widely grown varieties of beans and are considered to be high-grade beans. Over 60% of the coffee bean production worldwide is Arabica. They are grown at high altitudes and require shade and rainfall.

Arabica Beans are typically sourced from Ethiopia, Columbia, Guatemala or Brazil

These beans typically taste quite sweet with fruity or nutty notes.

Robusta Beans

A close second, the Robusta beans are grown in hotter climates and are higher in caffeine than that Arabica Beans and are most commonly found in Indonesia, Vietnam or Africa. 

Robusta Beans are known to be stronger than most beans, with a more bitter tone they are often noted to taste of rich dark chocolate. 


Unlike both Robusta & Arabica, these beans are grown in low-altitude areas of West Africa & Malaysia.

These beans are harder to come by than the others, they're also significantly larger and are described to have a smokey, nutty and almost floral flavour.

Still unsure...

Making the perfect Coffee Gift Set requires you to know your coffee lover's preference when it comes to blend coffee beans, if you're unsure you could pick up multipacks of each bean option.

Roar Gill offers a great variety pack including 3 bags of beautiful coffee beans at an affordable price, with bold tastes, textures & intensities. 

Alternatively, for less strength, we suggest Whittards classic gift set which includes a beautiful selection of  assorted coffees from different regions, already packaged in a great box set, this would settle nicely in your DIY Christmas Coffee Gift Hampers


For budget-friendly alternatives...

For a cheaper alternative, try instant coffee. Instant coffee is made from roasted coffee grounds that have been processed into a powder form. It doesn't require grinding as whole beans do, so it saves money and time. However, it tends to have a lower-quality taste than whole beans. 

That being said, here are our top picks of excellently flavoured instant coffee that will add flavour and depth to your artisan coffee hampers. 

At the risk of being Whittards top fans - we definitely recommend the Christmas Coffee Pot by Whittard, with roasted hazelnut flavours this coffee is a truly fantastic gift for your coffee hampers. 

Alternatively, a great miniature set that adds quality and value to your coffee hamper box is Fortnum & Masons Mini Coffee Selection at less than £20! 


2. Coffee Cups 

Coffee mug selection

Choosing your coffee cups for your coffee hamper box is one of the funniest parts, you can really choose to customise for your coffee connoisseur, whether you want to keep it classic with some fancy tableware mugs, or you want to include a funky travel mug, the choice is yours! 

Here are our top picks.

  • Personalised Mugs - Whether it is. an image, a name or a whimsy character, personalised mugs definitely add a touch of thought to each hamper gift set.
  • Travel Mugs - Travel mugs are the best way to make sure your coffee hamper gets delivered safely to its destination. They’re lightweight, easy to carry around and won’t break easily.
  • Coffee Mug Sets - If you’re looking for something more practical, why not get a set of matching mugs?  


3. Coffee Biscuits 


Coffee and biscuits


Biscuit boxes are a great addition to any coffee hamper box, especially if you’re gifting biscuits to someone who loves their coffee. The biscuit box itself is usually a nice presentation box, but there are plenty of options available online.The best biscuits to pair with your coffee include some of the following: 

  1. Biscoff - These cinnamon & caramel biscuits were designed to be paired with coffee, there's a reason most coffee shops present one when you order a cappuccino, they're the perfect consistency to be dunked and enjoyed. 
  2. Digestives - Whilst they aren't the most luxurious biscuits, there's no denying that nothing beats a chocolate digestive with a hot cup of coffee or tea. With milk chocolate and dark chocolate available, you can personalise your hamper with an array of chocolate treats. 
  3. Shortbread - These are classic coffee biscuits and are found 9/10 times in coffee hampers, these sugary buttery biscuits are the absolute best amongst the selection and are a great accompaniment for all things coffee. 


4. Coffee Gadgets 


French Coffee Press


Alongside the incredibly tasting aromatic coffee, it's great to include some coffee accessories for the coffee-making process to be easier, or more enjoyable. 

Coffee gadgets can be anything from a Coffee Press to a coffee maker and even milk frothers etc. Here are our top ten coffee lovers' gifts. 

Coffee Press 

These are perfect for those looking to begin their coffee journey & newbie coffee lovers, also known as cafetieres, they're designed to be used for ground coffee beans only. 

Milk Frother 
A milk frother is a must-have for every coffee lover, it makes preparing milk-based drinks so much easier. The best milk frothers will work in heating the milk and frothing it, making for perfect cappuccinos. 



This is a must-have for anyone who enjoys making coffee, it allows them to brew up a fresh pot of coffee whenever they desire. However, coffee machines and makers can definitely be a larger spend, with the professional coffee machines ranging upwards of £400. 


Coffee Duster & Stencils

If you're looking to increase your barista knowledge and impress guests then a duster and stencils is definitely the way forward, you can master the coffee artwork by using chocolate cocoa powder to create beautiful designs



Etsy is the perfect place for customised, personalised or artistic coffee coasters 



There can be something so fun about finding your perfect gifts for coffee lovers, and making your own individual coffee hamper, featuring the finest coffee to gift your coffee connoisseur friends and family. 

But it can also be quite a time consuming, and expensive! 

Building the best coffee or tea hampers can be done by visiting your local shops, or by ordering online. However, if finding the best individual robust coffees and special coffee lover accessories may seem a bit time-restrictive for you, then our individual Christmas Coffee Hamper is the perfect gift for all. Unlike most luxury coffee hampers, our special offer is only £13.99 saving over £10 this festive season. 

It includes our best-selling Salted Caramel Barista Syrup - 1 Litre, which is sweet & nutty syrup, ideal for mixing with your favourite artisan coffees.

Our thermal coffee travel mug - is perfect for on-the-go drinking, work commutes and morning walks 

Our Barista Syrup Dispenser, so you can use and displays your syrups at home in style 

And our Instant Gold Coffee - 100g.



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