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The Ultimate Healthy Chocolate Brownie Recipe

The Ultimate Healthy Chocolate Brownie Recipe - theskinnyfoodco

There’s nothing better than curling up on the sofa with your freshly-baked brownies, still warm & slightly gooey. Today we’ll be looking at the ultimate healthy chocolate brownie recipe, and finding out the best way to eat more of what you love - without the added sugars & calories!

Before you begin: For this recipe, you’ll need the following equipment: 1 large mixing bowl, 1 Whisk, Baking Paper, Baking Tin ( 23x12cm), and 1 Measuring Jug.

The Ingredients: 

The Method: 

Step 1: Preheat the oven (180c/ 160c Fan / 350F/ Gas Mark 4). Whilst your oven is preheating take the time to set your station - Lining your baking tin (23x12cm) with parchment paper.

Step 2:  Add the whole Skinny Food Co Low Sugar Brownie Mix contents to a bowl with 1 egg, 110ml water, 20ml of oil and mix well!

Step 3: Once the mixture is well blended - sprinkle in your chocaholic peanuts (if using) and mix once more evenly distributing the peanuts amongst the mixture

Step 4: Bake in the centre of the oven for 8 -10 minutes, depending on the desired results (cake-like or gooey)

Step 5: Allow the brownie to bake to cool for 25-30 minutes in the fridge

Step 6: Decorate your brownie - we used 15g of Hazelnut milky spread, but you can use a variety of spreads, or toppings (continue reading below for some more suggestions!) 

Brownie Flavours

Chocolate brownies are a classic home-baking dish, but what can you do to make them like no other, why not consider adding some additional flavours? 

Banana Chocolate Brownie

There’s no denying that banana and chocolate work so well together, if you’re looking to really spice up your brownie bake, then why not add a touch of added flavouring like our selection of Skinny flavour drops? Add a few drops into your pre-mixed batter before baking and bam! Enjoy a quirky banana & chocolate brownie bake - the banana flavour drop is completely sugar & fat-free.

Chocolate Coconut Brownie

Despite relentless arguments, chocolate and coconut do work well together! There’s no debating it. Our coconut flavour drops are the perfect addition to any brownie recipe, adding a subtle hint will truly wow your dinner guests, and best of all this 1 calorie, fat-free & sugar-free syrup will make this brownie tray bake completely guilt-free. 

Classic Vanilla Brownies

Nothing beats a classic flavour, whether you’re sticking with a classic chocolate chip cookie or classic brownies. Vanilla flavouring is the essence of all great bakes, that’s why we’ve developed our fat-free vanilla cheesecake flavour drop, to be added to bakes, drinks & breakfasts to inspire healthy eating, without sacrificing great tastes.

Chocolate Orange Brownies

Arguably one of the best alternative brownie flavours, Chocolate orange adds zest & sweetness to this ultimate brownie bake.  If you're looking for a completely original taste, then combining this delicious chocolate brownie tray bake recipe with our latest Chocaholic Chocolate Orange Syrup is the perfect mixture! You can choose to include our chocolate orange sauce during the mixing & baking process to add depths of flavours to your entire brownie mixture, or replace our hazelnut spread with our chocolate syrup as a gooey topping to your brownies, either way, we guarantee you'll love it!

Brownie Toppings

Great! You’ve made your brownies, now it’s time to explore the best way to decorate your brownies, whether you like to keep it plain and simple with some melted white or milk chocolate, or you want to go all out with sprinkles, fruits & chocolate flakes, there’s a number of suggestions that are still guilt-free. 

  • A Selection of Summer Fruits. 
  •  There’s nothing that compliments rich chocolate better than sweet & sharp raspberries. Whilst your brownie bake is still slightly warm, dip the bases of your raspberries in some melted chocolate, this will act as a gluing agent, and place your raspberries across the top layer of your brownie, you can add as many berries as you want (we recommend using around 80g). 

     If raspberries aren’t a bit of you, why not replace them with sliced strawberries? For strawberries, we recommend using around (200g) sliced into 4 sections. 

  • Spreads 
  •  Another great brownie topping is a selection of flavourful spreads, this can be chocolate-based, peanut butter based or even jams. At The Skinny Food Co, we offer a wide variety of healthy alternative spreads that will pair nicely with your freshly baked brownies. Here are our top 5; 


     Skinny Spread Flavours

    • Hazelnut Milky Spread - This low-sugar spread is the perfect addition to your warm chocolaty brownie masterpiece, with zero-palm oil and only 26 calories per serving, it’s an easy guilt-free substitute for your well-known brand-leading chocolate hazelnut spreads. 
    • Chocolate Orange Spread - One of our all-time favourites, is our delicious chocolate orange spread, it’s rich in chocolaty goodness, with a tangy orange twist, not to mention it’s 92% less sugar than leading chocolate orange alternatives. 
    • Smooth Peanut Butter - Want to add a touch of saltiness to your bake? Why not try our 100% pure skinny peanut butter? It contains zero palm oil and only 85 calories per serving. “If you haven’t tried the peanut butter you are well and truly missing a treat” - Ann, G.B
    • Milk Chocolate Spread - Keeping it simple? If you’re a chocolate lover, then you may just want to add a light layer of classic milk chocolate. It’s 92% less sugar than leading brands and is less than 25 calories per serving. 
    • Blackcurrant Jam - Our jams are tried & tested (and LOVED!) spread a light layer of our blackcurrant jam onto your cooled brownie tray for a fruity twist, it’s 97% less sugar than well-known retailers, and is a real treat. 
  • Chocolates & Sweets
  •  If you’re looking to add a bit of bite to your brownies, then maybe our brand new chocaholic collection is the right choice for you. Our creative team have developed several new leading products to add to our fan-favourite collection, from Skinny chocolate coated peanuts to chocolate drops

     Our chocaholic range contains 90% less sugar than leading brand alternatives and makes for the perfect pairing with any baked goodies. Sprinkle the chocolate drops as a topping to your brownie, or use the chocolate smooth bar as a melted chocolate coating, they’re low in sugar and high in flavour!

    Most Commonly Asked Questions: 

    How many calories in chocolate brownies

    Per 100g, there are typically 450-500 calories in a standard chocolate brownie. However, our Skinny Chocolate Brownies Per 100g is less than 250 calories per 100g. With our toppings being low-calorie this makes for a perfect less than 300 Cal chocolate brownie experience. 

    How long does a chocolate brownie last

    Feeling full? Don’t worry, chocolate brownies have a shelf life of around 3-4 days after baking if placed in the fridge. Alternatively, you can freeze chocolate brownies for a longer life span (up to 3 months).

     How to make chocolate brownie sundae

    Have some leftover brownie bits and are not sure what to do with them? Why not make a chocolate brownie sundae, grab some low-fat ice cream, some of our popular ice cream syrups such as our popular ‘Salted Caramel,’ ‘Black Forest Gateau’ or ‘Raspberry Ripple’ which are all zero calories and sugar-free and mix together with some fresh fruits & whipped cream for a delicious mid-week dessert. 

     How to tell if a brownie is cooked

    Brownies can be cooked in a range from gooey to cake-like so it really depends on the desired result. If you want your brownie to be more cake-like with a dryer centre then cook until the edges begin to pull away from the tin. However, if you like a moist brownie with a gooey centre, then follow the recipe for the minimum baking time (Usually around 8-10 mins). 

     If you need to check whether the mixture has cooked through, the best method is using a toothpick or knife directly into the centre of the tin, once the knife is removed check whether or not the knife is clean or contains batter, you’ll also be able to tell by the consistency of the mixture. 


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