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New Chocaholic High Protein Pralines

New Chocaholic High Protein Pralines - theskinnyfoodco

Are you a self-confessed chocoholic? Research by Mintel found that as many as 95% of Brits enjoy eating chocolate.

If you’re a chocolate-lover looking for a new sweet treat to tantalise your taste buds, why not try these new High-Protein Chocaholic Hazelnut Pralines from The Skinny Food Co?

These smooth and creamy chocolates are filled with rich hazelnut praline and contain 9g of protein per serving, making them the perfect indulgent treat that won't compromise your healthy lifestyle. 

They are also high in fibre and free from palm oil, making them a must-have product for your snack cupboard.

Hazelnut praline flavours offer a taste experience that will appeal to all of your senses. They’re also totally versatile - you can incorporate them into everything from your morning tea or coffee to cakes, desserts and ice cream. 

Hazelnut syrups and spreads you need to try

We can’t get enough of the hazelnut praline combo, and we have loads of other delicious yet health-conscious hazelnut praline-flavoured products to try! If you’re looking for guilt-free ways to satisfy your sweet tooth or chocolate cravings, check these out:

Hazelnut Praline 1L Coffee Syrup

Add a nutty twist to your favourite hot drink with this tasty blend of caramel and hazelnuts. Whether you prefer tea, coffee or hot chocolate, this zero-calorie, fat-free coffee syrup is a store cupboard staple. Don’t forget to bag one of our reusable coffee syrup pumps, designed to provide the optimum syrup measurement every time.

Hazelnut Praline Skinny Syrup

Want to enjoy the authentic taste of hazelnut praline without the guilt? This sugar-free, zero-calorie syrup will transform our Skinny Instant Coffee into a sumptuous treat. You can also add it to your hot whipped coffee. In fact, it can be drizzled on everything from your morning cuppa to a bowl of porridge or ice cream sundae dessert. You can even add a drop to your favourite cocktail or mocktail! 

Hazelnut Praline Flavour Coffee Shot

Add a splash of luxury to your diet with this convenient 60ml coffee syrup concentrate. Whether you want to add a drop to your coffee or hot chocolate at work or you want to incorporate a nutty flavour in your smoothies or cakes, it’s easy to see why this is one of our most popular syrups. Each bottle contains up to 30 servings.

Hazelnut Creamer 425ml

Need a non-dairy alternative to add to your favourite hot drinks, iced coffee, morning porridge or desserts? Our fat-free hazelnut coffee creamer will add a rich, toasted nut flavour to every drink or dish

Chocolate Hazelnut Low Sugar Chocaholic Skinny Spread 350g

This opulent chocolate spread is the perfect accompaniment to a comforting slice of hot toast or a stack of warm American-style pancakes topped with juicy strawberries or sliced bananas. It’s sweet and silky - oh, and did we mention it only contains 25 calories per serving?!

Ready to indulge in the delightful taste of hazelnut praline? Visit The Skinny Food Co to check out our full range of delicious hazelnut praline-flavoured products today. 


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