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How To Throw The Ultimate Halloween Party

How To Throw The Ultimate Halloween Party - theskinnyfoodco

How To Throw The Ultimate Halloween Party

It's officially Spooky Season, which means it's time to celebrate the Halloween festivities!

Following the vaccine rollout and the relaxing of social distancing guidelines, we are able to (safely) enjoy the festivities and celebrate with a good old spooky soiree.

Whether you're a party planning amateur or a party pro, here we explore 8 ways to throw the Ultimate Halloween Party.

1. Get Your Spook On

It's Halloween, which means a Halloween playlist is a MUST.

Make sure you're playing a variety of music your guests will love with the occasional Halloween Hit. Ghost Busters, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Monster Mash and Stevie Wonder - just to name a few.

2.  Fancy Dress Off

Hold a fancy dress competition!

Make sure when inviting your guests to let them know that fancy dress is MANDATORY. Hold an anonymous vote on who's fancy dress is the best of the night and the winner gets a prize. 

3. Party Favours

Treat your guests with some party favours.

These could literally just be Halloween Goodie Bags filled with small party favours such as sweets, chocolates, a tube of Skinny Food Co Chocaholic Drops perhaps ... 

4. Halloween Themed Food

Let's be honest, a party isn't a party without food and snacks.

Create some delicious Halloween themed food and snacks for your guests - there's so much inspiration online for spooky treats that you can easily make at home. 

The Skinny Food Co have an array of Halloween themed recipes which you can find via our Recipes page, as well as Halloween Blogs for more recipe inspiration which you can find via our Health and Wellbeing blog page.

5. Halloween Themed Drinks

Whip up some alcoholic and non-alcoholic Halloween themed drinks for your guests.

Again, there's so much inspiration to be found online! Some ideas include:

6. Put Up Halloween Decorations

Decorate your party space with some simple yet effective Halloween decorations!

Hang up some fake cobwebs, Halloween banners or some pumpkin lights around your space to create the perfect Halloween themed room. Decorations can easily be found in your local supermarket or online at Amazon.

7. Set The Vibe

Set the vibe with spooky mood lighting using battery powered tealights, candles or Halloween themed lanterns / fairy lights.

Put on one of your favourite Horror Movies in the background to set the scene for your party, such as Psycho, Halloween, Scream, or A Nightmare On Elm Street. There's really no better way to spook up your Halloween Party than footage of someone casually being slashed in the background whilst you all party.

8. Don't Forget The Entertainment

So you've got all the foundations down for a great Halloween party, but you have to make sure you're keeping your guests entertained throughout! 

Why not hold a Pumpkin Carving Competition? A Mummy Wrap Race? A Halloween Movie Quiz? Halloween Karaoke? Or for the adults, a spooky drinking game - whatever you decide, we are sure you'll end up throwing the best Halloween Party this year!


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