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How to Keep Healthy While on Holiday

How to Keep Healthy While on Holiday - theskinnyfoodco

Are you counting down the days until your big summer holiday?

Whether you’re jetting off somewhere tropical or planning a staycation closer to home, holidays are the ideal opportunity to relax and indulge. And for many of us, that means eating a few foods we fancy! 

But while it’s important to have a treat or two, you don’t want your hard work towards healthy eating to go out of the window when you’re away. 

The good news? It’s possible to continue enjoying a nutritious diet on holiday. You just need to apply a few simple strategies. Read on for our tips on how you can stay healthy on holiday this summer. 

Healthy holiday tips

Keep up the meal planning

If you’ve booked self-catering accommodation or a holiday home, meal planning is a really simple way to keep your healthy diet on track. Before you leave, grab a notebook and jot down your meal plan and shopping list - just like you would at home. 

When you arrive on holiday, make a beeline for the local supermarket or farm shop to stock up on fresh produce, lean proteins, and healthy snacks. 

If you’re feeling super organised, you could even book a supermarket delivery slot a few hours after you’re due to arrive or pick up your groceries from the nearest click-and-collect before heading to your holiday home. And don’t forget to pack a few low-calorie treats, too!

Research the local cuisine

If you’re going overseas and the cuisine is unfamiliar, spend time researching healthy local dishes beforehand. 

As a general rule, if you’re dining out, it’s usually best to choose baked, grilled or steamed foods - try to avoid anything fried if you can. Balancing your main course with plenty of fresh vegetables or salad is also important. 

Oh, and don’t be afraid to indulge in a dessert or two - just try not to go overboard!

Have a buffet strategy

Having a strategy is a great idea when you’re staying at a hotel or resort with on-site restaurants or a buffet. 

Start each day with a hearty, protein-packed breakfast, which will keep you feeling satisfied and energised throughout the day. Look for things like omelettes, poached eggs, smoked salmon, Greek yoghurt, and fresh fruit. You can also add a small portion of complex carbs like porridge or wholegrain toast. Avoid the pastries and muffins if you can!

For lunch and dinner, choose baked, grilled, and steamed foods, avoiding anything fried. Load at least one-third of your plate with fresh vegetables or salad, and you’ll be off to a great start. 

When it comes to desserts and drinks, aim to stick to fresh fruit and small portions. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and avoid drinking too many sugary cocktails, soft drinks or alcohol. 

Stay active

Many hotels have gym facilities, so aim to make use of them at least a few times while you’re away. And if you’re not feeling motivated to work out on holiday, you can explore the local area by walking, hiking or cycling. Don’t forget to pack your pedometer or smartwatch so you can keep track of your daily steps.

If your hotel offers fitness classes like aqua aerobics or yoga, get involved! Even spending one hour of the day exercising will help you stay on track with your fitness plan.

Remember, the key to staying healthy on holiday is balance. Calories do still count on holiday! So, while it’s important to have a few treats and enjoy yourself, try to be mindful about your choices and stay active. 

With these tips, you can make the most of your holiday AND prioritise your health, nutrition, and well-being. 


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