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How does our Bread Mix Compare?

How does our Bread Mix Compare? - theskinnyfoodco

How does our Bread Mix Compare?

At The Skinny Food Co we have made it our mission to create great tasting products to help our customers make healthier choices.

We do what we do to make sure our products are accessible for everyone, including those with diabetes, food intolerances or who are counting the calories.

Skinny Food Co Bread Mix VS Regular Brown Bread

Enjoy High Protein Gluten Free bread with The Skinny Food Co! Our Bread Mix easily allows you to enjoy bread without excessive sugar and carbs.

We have created a great tasting loaf that is naturally low in carbs and high in protein. Our Seeded Bread mix is also gluten free and low sugar - making it accessible for all those with gluten intolerances and diabetes.

bread rolls

Our Seeded Bread Mix is:

✔ High Fibre
✔ High Protein - 24g per 100g 
✔ Vegetarian Friendly
✔ Only 44 Calories Per Serving
✔ Non GMO
✔ Gluten Free
✔ Low Sugar

Make a loaf of bread, 4 bread buns or 8 slices of bread.

100g of regular brown bread contains 56g of carbs in comparison to The Skinny Food Co Bread Mix with only 10g of carbs - what a difference!

Our bread is also high protein with 24g per 100g, while regular brown bread has only 13g - making our bread unbeatable! 

Meal Idea: Baked Eggs with Chilli, Spinach and Fresh Homemade Bread

A delicious low carb, high protein and Keto friendly recipe. Our Baked Eggs would make the perfect start to the day. Packed full of greens, a juicy tomato base and topped with eggs - we have a feeling this recipe might become a regular.

Pair with our Bread Mix, super simple to make from the comfort of your own home!

View the recipe.

baked eggs with fresh vegetables and homemade bread

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